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There are few reasons, the Mozilla Firefox uninstall. Stability, extensibility and speed characterize the browser and suggest downloading Mozilla Firefox.

The Web browser named Firefox is a reliable program with rare errors. Nevertheless, it may be necessary, for example if you reinstall Firefox or switching to a different browser to uninstall Firefox. There are different approaches.

uninstall Firefox &# 8211; run Setup from the Control Panel

The easiest way Firefox can be removed through the Control Panel of the computer. To do this, open the Windows Start menu and click on the point Control Panel. Under the category of programs can be found now uninstall the program menu. When you open this menu, you will see a list of all currently installed on the computer programs. Select the entry of the current Firefox and click Uninstall. The setup process for deleting the program will automatically start.

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completely uninstall Firefox &# 8211; Remove My Documents folder and program

During the uninstall process you will be asked if you also want to remove the My Documents and adjustments. If you uninstall the browser because Firefox does not start or more is no feedback, you should enable this option to prevent the error is included in a possible new installation. Here, data such as saved passwords and bookmarks are deleted.

uninstall Firefox In crash-related uninstalls takes care to uninstall Firefox clean

After uninstalling, you should check whether the Firefox program folder (usually C: (/ Applications x86) / Mozilla Firefox) was deleted. If this is not the case, delete it manually.

Also in the Windows registry, you can check for sure if remaining on your computer remains of the browser. However, this procedure is for experts recommended! To GpsDrive into the registry, type in the search bar of the start menu of Windows regedit, and press the Enter key. In the Registry Editor, open the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE folder and locate the Mozilla undMozillaPlugins folder. These two folders can right-click > Deleting be removed. Danger:Do not delete random folder in the registry. The Windows registry contains entries for managing the operating system. Missing entries can lead to instability or system crashes.