Android: Enable background data – how it works

Will you visit the Google Play Store to download new apps, it may happen that the Play Store displays "Background data disabled" and are denied access. To be able to provide with new apps and more, you must therefore turn on background data.

Depending on your Android device and version is the way you can turn on background data differs. However, the principle is at Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, LG and Co. the same.

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Enable background data for Google Play Store and Co.

To enable background data on Android, goes like vir follows:

  • Open the app for the settings on Android.
  • Controls the section "Wireless Networks" on.
  • In the options for the "Mobile data" it controls the three points right at the top.
  • the hook is removed with the option "Restrict background data" in the new window.
  • Are the background data enabled apps to download data or send notifications and receive mobile data network even if they are not currently active.

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Why would you disable background data?

The selection of the "Restrict background data" option is recommended if you want to protect a data volume in mobile data network or does not want too much strain on the battery. Are the background data enabled smartphone synchronized at certain intervals to the Internet to z. To receive as email or WhatsApp messages. In this way, both power and data to be consumed. however, noted that some apps not work as desired with deactivated background data.

As already mentioned, can be such. no longer control as the Google Play Store, also you are missing one or the other WhatsApp message on this path. But those who are on the go and at least want to save something it's battery can einschränkem this setting energy consumption.

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