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Who needs a fast firewall, in addition to the Windows Firewall protects your PC from Internet threats and treacherous trojans, should look at glass Wire times.

There are relatively many firewalls for Windows, because the built-in firewall is to be regarded at best as inadequate basic protection. In very rare cases, it warns times before any applications and accurately most of which are completely harmless. Nevertheless, it is recommended to shield his computer at any time with a firewall &# 8211; parallel to the virus scanner!

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The dangers of Internet connections are, in terms just what Trojans, not only outside of the computer. If one has such a pest Once captured, the least of which are keen to destroy anything in the PC. Today it comes to money and either these pests spy on passwords and login information or send spam. But for this you need to include on the Internet connect to a control server &# 8211; and here put on firewalls.

The glass Wire firewall indicates a new connectionThe glass Wire firewall indicates a new connection

In principle, glass Wire is a network monitor that monitors all connections within the network, but also from the outside inwards and vice versa. Once new network connections are established, there is a small message. Case the user wishes, he can immediately terminate the connection. all connections to a log file, but are written so that you can work through the programs in succession and can block for future connections. That's easy. Therefore one must simply in the firewall list to the left the program on the flame icon click and already this application is closed to traffic.

GlassWirer provides detailed network information and a firewallGlassWirer provides detailed network information and a firewall

In view of this operation, the glass Wire firewall so not only provides good protection, but also an attractive and exhaustive study of network traffic. the user can individually display the connections and the duration for each program. And glass Wire is also beautifully simple in terms of installation and use. We do not need to reboot after setup. And because the program does not have an automatic mode, the user has to give itself pay attention to the messages and adjust future behavior. After a period of time is likely to have such a secure system and can sit back and relax.


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