announced a new space strategy game from Paradox: Stellaris

The strategy specialists from Paradox Interactive (Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis) have announced at gamescom 2015 Stellaris a new 4X space strategy game in which to start their federations and are allowed to explore the depths of the galaxy. The appropriate announcement trailer was already found.

6872Stellaris: Announcement Trailer

StellarisdownloadQR codeStellarisDeveloper: Paradox Development StudioPrice: € 39.99

Stellaris: 4X space strategy with huge galaxies

After many strategy games with a historical setting, it verschlägt you in Stellaris into space with spaceships and many alien races. 4X stands the way for a global strategy game, in which it controls the fate of whole nations and civilizations. Here, let the following features hope for an extensive and complex gaming experience:

  • Seven different species with individual skills.
  • Dynamic game world with randomly generated alien races.
  • Different star systems with thousands of planets.
  • Diplomacy, exploration and military conflicts.
  • Building of an independent empire and individually designed spaceships.
  • Three technology trees with upgrades and the possibility of development of civilizations.

This all sounds very promising, but it remains to be seen whether the developers of paradox Interactive meet this promise also. to appear the title during the year 2016 for the PC.

The space map is huge and leaves a lot of space to explore.The space map is huge and leaves a lot of space to explore.

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