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The craziest sex gadgets in the world: Fitness Tracker for the penis

Chiara Brunoon 14/08/2017 at 22:02

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Source: Bondara UK

In recent years, so-called Wearables, So fitness bracelets and Smart Watches, extremely popular. For example, they count steps and help sleep behavior and fitness to improve. They sit inconspicuously on the wrist and often have a unique design. The British company Bondara has developed a wearable, not just your Sexual health improved, but also increases the pleasure. Of the Fitness diameter for the penis is synchronized with a smartphone app and measures among others the calories burned during sex. Of course you can - if the desire exists - share your data in social media. However, these are unfortunately a prototype. When the development will be finished, is still in the stars.

In contrast to this tracker can be used relatively unnoticed by the public, the next gadget:

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