You are asked: Which is the best movie with Jim Carrey?

His visage is well known to us, his facial expressions and gestures legendary and even his voice already ensured for a laugh or two: Jim Carrey rode in the 1990s on a true wave of success and was the man in the comedy business. But even serious roles they took from the actor. Given his long filmography we ask you today: What movie is actually Jim Carrey's masterpiece?

You are asked: Which is the best movie with Jim Carrey?

Equal to six times was Jim Carrey been nominated for a Golden Globe, two times he could take it home with you: His awards &# 8220; The Truman Show&# 8221; and &# 8220; Man on the Moon&# 8221; prove that Jim Carrey can shine even off the comedy. Although both films may well be understood as a tragi-comedies, it's the dramatic part, in which the actor impressed.

After a strong rally in the 1990s ebbed Carrey's career from the 2010s, old miracle successes are yet to come. Still, Jim Carrey has its place in the hearts of many moviegoers safe, because it is his nature, which often made us laugh and cry.

To celebrate the release of &# 8220; Dumb and Dumber To&# 8221; we have once but impressive filmography of the actor considered and want to know from you which movie with Jim Carrey your favorite is.

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