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With the Steam download, you can manage its games collection in the library. In some cases it happens that you get paid when you buy a game, an additional game on Steam. This game can use for themselves. However, this is not interesting enough or you've brought this did already in its games library, you can pay this on Steam Trade friends on Steam or trade.

Even games that one has himself received as a gift, can be handed over Steam Trade to other users. In addition to games you can on Steam Trade also swap items from the games Team Fortress 2, Portal 2 and Spiral Knights on Steam Trade with other users.

Steam Trade - To trade works

Was a game once a wasted activated with an account, it can no longer be sharing users on Steam Trade to other Steam. To cycle through the available items for the Steam Trade, one controls the upper area below the menu bar to his account name. After clicking on the name, you can open the "Inventory" option. Here, gifts received, earned items or already traded objects found. The available objects, will also appear at this point whether a trade on Steam so that is possible. it is hoping to replace a game or item, first activating the object and then select the person from his friends list with which the trade is to be conducted. This is informed by Steam on the upcoming trade and can now also select objects for exchange.

Steam Trade Inventory
Inventory all available objects found for the Steam Trade

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Steam Trade - buy and sell objects

Who does not get rid of his objects through the Steam Trade can offer these in the steam market other for real money users or even go in the steam market on shopping tour for in-game objects. These are paid by credit Steam and automatically stored in the inventory. Currently only objects for the games Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 are there, however, available.


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