Rocket League: announced Chaos Run DLC

Rocket League is provided with another DLC. It is the so-called Chaos Run package. All information can be found here.

815Rocket League DLC

Rocket League will receive another DLC. It is the chaos Run DLC. This is inspired by a bleak, post-apocalyptic future and will bring new cars, new labels and various other little things with it. All content you see here:

  • Two new Battle-Cars: Ripper and grog
  • 12 new stickers (six for each new Battle-Car)
  • Two new exterior colors: "camouflage" and "sun damage"
  • Two new wheels: Ripper and grog
  • Two new missile tracks: Sandstorm, screws and bolts
  • Three new roof attachments: Ghetto Blaster, cow skulls, Iroquois
  • Three new antennas: Bomb stake, Radioactive, retro ball - wasteland
  • Five new trophies

Furthermore, there will be a new arena called &Wasteland; # 8220&# 8221; give. This stands in contrast to the chaos run-Pack, available free of charge. The DLC will be released in early December, 2015.

Rocket League has been a while available and was part of PlayStation Plus program for the PlayStation 4. It is now the title but also available on Steam and has already sold more than one million copies. If you tried always have been experiencing real football comments at Rocket League, you can do this with us.

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Source: PlayStation Blog


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