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Bitcoins are for many the next Big Thing in the currency landscape. While one can make with the Bitcoin Mining may earn no more flower pot these days with an ordinary computer, you is always the possibility available to buy Bitcoins to get to the new trend currency.

Here you can buy Bitcoins: tips, information and prizes

With us you will find tips on where you can buy Bitcoins and what to watch. Buyer of Bitcoins you come in the simplest and uncomplicated way to the digital currency.

Buy Bitcoins: Online or private

Here, you are basically two ways to purchase Bitcoin available:

  • Online via the exchange, sale Exchanges
  • Offline with individuals by cash

Before you however you hinwerft the current trend and ausgebt your life savings for Bitcoins, be warned. After all, no one knows for sure how the digital currency will develop. Although Bitcoins have experienced an enormous increase in value in recent months, just as it is possible, however, that the Bitcoin bubble bursts tomorrow and the virtual gold is nothing more than wasted space. If you have bought a 2010 Bitcoin for about 20 cents, that Bitcoin is now 750 € value today. However, unforeseen events, such as the theft on the French stock exchange MtGox can lead to large variations in the Bitcoin value.

bitcoins-worthOn the German Bitcoin marketplace can you buy and sell Bitcoins (Source:

As the first point of contact for the Bitcoin purchase you should choose a reputable supplier to stay not sit on your costs. In you can order relatively quickly and without ceremony Bitcoins. The following steps are necessary for this:

  1. Create Bitcoin account
  2. Enable confirmation link via email
  3. provide contact information
  4. verify bank account
  5. call Market
  6. Place Bid for desired Bitcoin sum
  7. Pay for. B. via PayPal or bank transfer
  8. Transaction "paid" Mark
  9. The provider uses the trusteeship system, so you get the coins only after the confirmation of the receipt

the provider charges a commission, which is currently at 1% of the total volume for the Bitcoin purchase. Especially at the beginning of your Bitcoin trading career will however put you with this provider for security reasons some obstacles in the way. So sellers of Bitcoins can specify that only already active users can buy Bitcoins with a high trust level. Here you have to search specifically for the dealers a chance on the Bitcoin market also give newcomers. In addition, you should also pay attention even when Bitcoin purchase that you act with a verified user.

Buy Bitcoins: Also possible offline

Do you want to buy Bitcoins offline, we recommend a visit to However, it is here with individuals in public. The chance to sit up an impostor, therefore, like when buying online available. In addition, you have to go here themselves to fresh air, other Bitcoin interested persons can in this way, however kennenleren. Even with Localbitcoins you have before you create an account. After "Buy Bitcoins" may be gone in search of Bitcoin vendors in the area.

bitcoins-buy-privatPrivately and offline buying Bitcoins is possible

Can you specify your desired search amount or a range that want to spend their, z. B. between 100 and 500 euros. In addition, it is recommended to use the escrow service here to prevent that the seller moved with your cash over the hills. For this you get a transaction code, which you must inform the seller as proof of payment. Here, too, a transaction fee from the current 1% of the trade value is calculated from the vendor. The money is spent on it, among others, to resolve conflict situations is therefore well spent for the general public and the quality of the Bitcoin offer.

Here you can buy Bitcoins: tips, information and prizes

Did you buy Bitcoins, they should be taken off the exchange market to prevent that these are stolen as recently happened in a caper the stock market. In addition, you should enable two-factor authentication for additional security of your Bitcoins.

In addition to the first point of contact and Localbitcoins there are more exchange places at which you can buy their Bitcoins. These differ according to each

  • Speed, you actually get the Bitcoins in
  • Security level at which the trade is conducted
  • Fees that raise the purchasing platforms for a trade
  • price

should do and what to look out for: buy Bitcoins

Buyer of Bitcoins you should therefore primarily in your circle look out. Within friends and colleagues you can most easily negotiate a fair price and let the deal run conflict-free as possible across the stage. Do you want to make a tech freak an individual gift, you can also give Bitcoins per gift card. Here, in particular, the provider has made a name bit4coin. There first an order form must be filled out. You are here Bitcoin gifts of € 25, € 50 or € 100 to choose from.

Here you can buy Bitcoins: tips, information and prizes

Here, too, can easily be paid by bank transfer. The bitcoins come in the form of the gift card by mail to your house. Again, bit4coin on the platform, the gift card can be redeemed once and traded in Bitcoins. Here also can save the occasional Bitcoin. the value of Bitcoins increases after purchase, the card should be redeemed quickly to go with proceeds of the trade. On the other hand you are here but not by a falling Bitcoin course immune. Bitcoin gift card is up to two years after receiving valid

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