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Opera is, despite its relatively low penetration thoroughly recommended, for example, due to its integrated add-on modules such as an e-mail client. Of course for Opera various add-ons, their installation and management is described below.

In contrast for example to Firefox or Internet Explorer, the Opera is made use Download much rarer, but nevertheless offers a number of advantages. In particular stands out the browser freely available, that it provides innately diverse modules with which other web services can be used, for which one has to resort to other browsers on add-ons or even entirely separate programs. So Opera includes an email client, a BitTorrent and IRC client, a download manager and more. There are, of course, for Opera a lot of add-ons and themes. How you can obtain and install, will be explained in more detail below.

Opera add-ons screenshot

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Opera add-ons download install us

The easiest way to Opera add-ons through the official Opera Add-on page relate. Here you will find at the bottom of the page already has a selection of add-ons and themes that you can add the Opera browser by clicking on the image and then press the "Add Opera" button. Then you can still confirm the installation and the add-on is available from now on. The top of the page you can access the categories extensions and themes and add them to the manner described above the browser via links too. This gives new functionality with extensions, while Themes give the browser a new look.

Opera add-ons screenshot

Manage Opera add-ons

Around Opera add-ons to manage, you go "Manage Extensions" to "Opera", "Extensions" and. Here, the installed extensions can be disabled, be reactivated and uninstalled. "Get Extensions" on, which also can be found under "extensions" or "Get More Extensions" link in the "Manage Extensions" you also get to the Add-ons page for Opera.

Furthermore, there are also many Opera plugins like for example Flash or Java, to which you will find more information in the linked articles.