Disney movies 2014: What’s going on at the cinema? New Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars

Bear (12.06.2014)

The Disney Nature documentary &Bears; # 8220&# 8221; accompanies a bear family with two newborn through Alaska, with great nature shots.

Plan 2: Always on duty (14/08/2014)

The DisneyToon studios continue with their clone of Pixar &# 8220; Cars&# 8221 ;, the first part should appear originally only on DVD, and send &# 8220; Plan 2: Always on duty&# 8221; in August on German screens.

Star Wars Rebels &# 8211; TV movie

Even before Star Wars 7 Disney is launching a new animated series in the universe of George Lucas. The go-ahead to &# 8220; Star Wars Rebels&# 8221; is given with a full-blown TV movie on the US Disney Channel in the summer of 2014, then running the series on Disney XD.

Guardians of the Galaxy (08/28/2014)

4433Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer # 1Marvel proves &# 8220; Guardians of the Galaxy&# 8221; not only humor, but brings the anti-superhero with a science-fiction scenario &# 8211; the result is expected hot.

Big Hero 6 (theatrical release in the United States: 11/07/2014, in D: 29/01/2015)

In November, the first Disney animated film that uses the Marvel material followed in the US. &# 8220; Big Hero 6&# 8243; in the fictional city of San Fransokyo that is in danger. Hiro Hamada and his best friend, the robot Baymax to do with other inexperienced hero resist sake together to save the city. In Germany the animated film is expected to run on until January 2015 to date, there is no trailer, but only the above teaser scene.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (USA: 10/10/2014)

The film adaptation of the children's book by Judith Viorst (in German: &# 8220; Alexander and the hideous, horrible, crappy, nasty day&# 8221) has still no start date in Germany, but the story is true in the US as a modern classic &# 8211; a day in which everything goes wrong, produced by Jim Henson Pictures. A trailer there is not yet.

Into the Woods (USA: 25/12/2014, D: 19/02/2015)

The implementation of the Broadway musical &# 8220; Into the Wood&# 8221; united into a tour de force through the Grimm fairy tales actors like Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, James Corden and Emily Blunt. There is still no trailer in circulation, and the start date in Germany is not until February, 2015.

Start Photogallery(17 images)Bye Bambi: This Disney films flying out of the program from Netflix

Outlook Disney movies 2015: News from Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars 7

The Disney movies in 2014 let a strange void in the supreme discipline of Walt Disney, the great animation productions. Also in 2015 is not yet even announced by the Disney studios just another fairy tale film with real actors: Cinderella; and Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is still in the stars.

The year 2014 is also the first for a long time, in which no new Pixar film or -Kurzfilm appears. &# 8220; The Good Dinosaur&# 8221; was postponed to December 2015, in the summer of 2015, initially &# 8220; Inside Out&# 8221; (from &Above; 8220&8221 /&# 8221; Inc monster&# 8221; director Pete Docter) come onto the screen. The Nemo sequel &# 8220; Finding Dory&# 8221; then is expected in 2016 in the wings.

The biggest event is but of course with Star Wars 7 at the door. At Christmas 2015 J.J. must Abrams prove whether it can enhance the legacy of George Lucas worthy of the Star Trek reboot. Marvel fans can look forward to Joss Whedon's second Avengers film in 2015, and on the Ant-Man.

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