Battlestar Galactica: “Blood and Chrome” – see prequel pilot online

Whether the new Battlestar Galactica series &# 8220; Blood and Chrome&# 8221; ever produced, is still in the stars. The quite compelling pilot of the prequels will in any case, divided into 10 approximately 10-minute episodes made available on YouTube since November 9. Especially the consequences have been published. 5 and 6

Battlestar Galactica: & quot; Blood and Chrome & quot; see prequel pilot online -

Among the 100 best series of all time Battlestar Galactica landed in the GIGA ranking at No. 52 &# 8211; several colleagues described the reboot of 2004 even as the best science fiction series ever (or was it just Tobi?). Where any case, fans have fallen after the conclusion of the fourth season something in a hole, could come up with &# 8220; Blood and Chrome&# 8221; a worth seeing spinoff announce. First, there is only a two-hour pilot episode that comes on TV (and when (uncensored) BluRay release) only in February 2013 &# 8211; and until then is freely available on Youtube. Right from the start:

&# 8220; Blood and Chrome&# 8221; accompanied Commander William Adama (Luke Pasqualino) during the first Cylon War, that plays before the official series. At his side: Co-pilot Coker (Ben Cotton) and Dr. Kelly (Lili Bordan). was behind the spin-off is the original production team of the reboot series, produced the whole thing for the Syfy Channel of, which indeed offer the Machinima Prime format more premium series on the net &# 8211; recently the launch of Halo 4, the fifty minute &# 8220; Halo: Forward Unto Dawn&# 8220 ;.

Every Friday there is provided a new 14- to 24-minute double episode online for Christmas Series pilot should therefore be completely visible. Just released: The episodes 5 and 6. FIG.

As GigaOM reported Battlestar Galactica was: Blood and Chrome produced with a budget of approximately $ 2 million and although Syfy apparently first planning any entire series, representative Ian Moffitt is confident: A continuation is &# 8220; definitely an option&# 8221 ;.

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