Pokémon: Red, blue and yellow come to eShop

You absolutely want to play again the blue, yellow and red edition of Pokémon - but have no old Gameboy more handy? This is soon no longer a problem, because the classics come to the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.

12015Pokemon Red Blue Yellow eShop

As part of the current Nintendo Direct output, the Japanese company has announced that it soon again can experience the Pokémon classic red, yellow and blue on your Nintendo 3DS. More concretely, the title will be released on February 27, 2016 Nintendo eShop. How much are the parts cost, is not yet clear.

So you also can trade your Pokémon with other players without any problems today, the title was changed to the effect that they now support the wireless capabilities of the handheld. So unlike in the past you have to raise no cable. Otherwise, the game experience will be exactly the same as many years ago.

pokemon red yellow blue

Now you want to drive you the time with other Pokémon topics? Then you look nevertheless simply our trailer for Pokémon GO. These scenes have guaranteed not seen her. Click here for the video:

Here are the scenes from the Pokémon GO trailer shown!


Source: Nintendo Direct

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