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The Last of Us is already one of the hot candidates for the title "Game of the Year" and is one of the reasons that it is not easy - a real survival title with many gruesome elements, heavy bodies and low stockpiles. So you can better extend the helping Joel and Ellie in their journey a bit, we have compiled a few tips here.

The Last of Us: Tips and Tricks


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Tips The Last of Us & Tricks: Do not be discouraged!

The Last of Us will start heavy and you often feels overwhelmed and extremely vulnerable in the first few battles and difficult situations &# 8211; also often dies. Of course, this frustrated some, but one of the most important conditions to really enjoy The Last of Us, is the will bite through it. With more and more routine upgrades the game while not necessarily a no-brainer, but it is much easier for you over time.

Do not fight if you do not have!

The Last of Us is essentially not an action game and you are not the hunter looking for prey - Joel is a survivor, and you would do well to cut you from him a slice and only fight if it has to be real. Many opponents can leave completely left, and often it's a good idea to do just that. Often you can just run away from opponents.

The Last of Us: Tips and TricksKeep Calm! The Last of Us is difficult but never unfair.

If it comes to the fight: play smart!

The areas in The Last of Us are usually open and large, and if the enemy discovers you, you can make you the advantage. Take cover, hide yourself, encircled the enemy and surprised them. Use your bottles and bricks for distractions and surprise attacks, isolated from each other and the opponent does not use firearms, as long as it is not necessary.

Explored, so much to do it!

Inventories are few and far between and you do you no favors if their valuable goods simply let back. We searched the area carefully for materials. If you have the maximum amount of material here, you should make something to take away the new supplies. The game teased you also like: When you enter a new area, you should often times just check behind you if is not something hidden there.


The Last of Us: Tips and TricksTips The Last of Us & Tricks: The sometimes very hectic fights it is best to avoid altogether.

Knife, knife, knife

Shivs that improvised daggers that can craft it are one of the most useful and most valuable items in the game. Therefore, it is important not to waste. Do not kill normal Runner or even people with them, just to save some time, but raises them to you for Clicker on. In any case, you should always at least one Shiv in the inventory reserve, because the daggers act as Dietrich for certain doors behind which always wait valuable supplies. Shivs become even more valuable with an upgrade that will allow you to kill a clicker so that coat you.

Uses the listening mode!

The listening mode is your best friend, especially when you upgradet him. With this useful ability can you enemies "see" through walls, thus ensuring you the decisive tactical advantage over the enemy - not only before the fight, but also when it has already come to fight and hiding her you.

Vote for your upgrades wisely!

Which upgrades you choose for Joel depends on, among other things, how you play it. Are you more aggressive or simply not very good at sneaking, it is worthwhile to increase the maximum health. Otherwise, the focus on the listening mode, Knife Champion and swaying should be the weapon. Production time and healing rate are relatively useless, ideally it should not happen that you have to do these things under time pressure.

Weapons improvements: First halter, then everything else!

The construction of new holster allows you to carry multiple weapons on the body. Without it, you have to fish in luggage for new weapons, which is just not practical in combat. With the new holsters Joel can carry two pistols and two rifles on the body and move quickly between them. The rest can just wait.

Bottles and bricks are your friends!

Ammunition is scarce, but glass bottles and bricks, there are galore in The Last of Us. These useful objects can you use to distraction by her throw them against walls and so attracts opponents and isolated. Alternatively you can also use them to start a fight with a bang: Fires the enemy a brick from close range to the turnip and shall, in accordance with a melee attack to turn it off immediately. It even works with clicker, but here you have to have to attack with a melee weapon, so the blow is fatal.


If you to you this Last of Us Games Tips think, you are well prepared for the apocalypse. Of course, we also look forward to new Tips and tricks for The Last of Us. So bring it on! Post your comments or helpful guidance to progress in difficult places easily under our basics guide. Many Thanks!

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