Fleksy Keyboard: Fastest On screen keyboard in the world


Fleksy was awarded recently and is in the Guinness Book of Records: the app, making it the fastest software keyboard for smartphones in the world!

4356Fleksy keyboard breaks the world record guinnes

Many developers rack their brains about an ideal on-screen keyboard: It is now especially the "swiping" a popular way to write text on the smartphone. At the "swiping" (you know it probably already) wipes her about the individual letters that give the word without lifting the finger. With this method, the Touch is noticeably lighter out of hand.

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Fleksy &# 8211; great place small: more comfort

However Fleksy works quite differently: Extra large letters and a simple system to facilitate typing. With success: In a short test of the app we were able to achieve good results, without any acclimatization period.

That probably due to the simple operation well: The capital letters in Fleksy are hard to miss want, choose her another suggested word, you can check out by wiping down through the list of suggestions "scroll".

Fleksy Keyboard: test 44 days for free


So it created the app in the Guinness Book of Records: No one has ever typed faster with a software keyboard. The remaining functions are remarkably simple and go surprisingly slight of hand. The free version can you test currently 44 days (30 days normal test time + 14 day extension because of the world record).

Fleksy Keyboard + EmojidownloadQR codeFleksy Keyboard + EmojiDeveloper: FleksyPrice: Free

After that will cost you the full version once 1,46 € (until 30 May, after 1.92 €). So if you're just looking for an app with which you can write easily and quickly, Fleksy is definitely worth a look.

The German dictionary is currently in beta, but works very well.

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