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The NVidia Inspector gives you a solution that you showing detailed information of your NVidia graphics card. In addition, can be overclocked the GPU with the tool or, if necessary down clocken.

While the graphics cards from NVidia are becoming more powerful and functional extensive, the free NVidia Inspector tool is becoming more practical.

nvidia inspectorNvidia Inspector: The Inspector you can not only overclock, but also necessary &# 8220; down clocken&# 8221;

Time to bring the graphics card into shape: NVidia Inspector

The current version of NVidia Inspector is suitable for Windows Vista / Windows 7th but is also requires the installed Microsoft.NET Framework.

Unlike the NVidia Control Panel, the user interface of the Inspectors is clearer and easier to use. The NVidia Inspector reads all information directly on the NVAPI the installed NVidia driver. These include the temperature, fan speed, memory type and size, bios, GPU and of course the current clocking.

If you want to overclock your NVidia graphics card, the Nvidia Inspector can help you. For example, you can adjust the fan to overclocking, so as to avoid overheating of the graphics card with this tool. With the newer NVidia cards also need to adjust GPU voltage to the 3D profile is possible.

Problems with the error message &# 8220; The display driver has been restored after a failure&# 8221 ;?

Look here for help

More profiles for games

If you use your PC mainly for games and a newer 256er driver is installed, you can also use the NVidia Inspector to create game profiles, import, export or delete it.

If you have installed multiple NVidia graphics cards, you can select it from a drop-down menu. Especially practical is the monitoring and control functions of your graphics card by the Inspector.

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