134,000 points! Nvidia Shield Tablet X1 beyond AnTuTu benchmark [rumor]

That Nvidia is able to put together powerful gaming hardware, is known. But what the coming Shield Tablet X1 could provide in terms of performance, completely opens up new performance horizons: Although the rumors on the release of the cars are still quite nebulous, but shines the tablet after a flying visit in GFXBench now in AnTuTu Benchmark: The Tegra X1 processor leaves the competition here with values ​​far beyond the 100,000 points mark loosely behind.

134,000 points! Nvidia Shield Tablet X1 beyond AnTuTu benchmark [rumor]

Benchmark results are always a bit tricky: manufacturers use this kind test runs like in order to bring their devices into perspective and to put the competition to shame. Ultimately, the significance of the actual everyday use is not always so great. Nevertheless deserves the rumored AnTuTu result of the Shield Tablet X1, which handed down a reputed source from China, the predicate "impressive".

Nvidia Shield Tablet X1 with 134,000 points in AnTuTu Benchmark

Because with reaching 134,000 points in AnTuTu benchmark, the Shield Tablet X1 surpassed not only the current competition and breaks through the 100,000 points-wall, but surpassed even the supposed chip of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7. The Exynos 8890 reached namely "only" about 103,000 points. The outstanding performance owes the tablet to the eponymous processor: Nvidia installed the brand new Tegra X1 SoC with eight cores and a maximum clock rate of 1.9 GHz. The 64 bit capable chip is made in 20 nm efficient method and is based on four Cortex-A57- and -A53 cores. In said benchmark run, but only the more potent A57 cluster was paired with the group consisting of 256 core Maxwell GPU tested.

So Nvidia is expected to once again bring a full-deliberate especially on mobile gaming tablet on the market. The other specifications that recently laid bare the GFX-Bench, call an 8 inch display with full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels), 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of data storage and Android 6.0 Marshmallow. When the official launch is pending, is currently not yet known - whether the upcoming holiday shopping season but an idea would not surprise us in the next few days.

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Note: The picture above shows the old shield portable tablet.

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