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CyanogenMod is the most popular custom ROM for Android. Behind the firmware developer Steve Kondik, who worked under the developer name Cyanogen and later founded the company that bears infected. 


the CyanogenMod project in 2009, not long after the first Android smartphone HTC Dream (also known as T-Mobile G1) in late 2008 and was founded. After CyanogenMod years existed as a hobby project and was cared for by an increasing number of open source developers in their spare time to Kondik decided with some close collaborators in 2012 to start a business. Cyanogen Inc. wants to redefine the mobile computing and enable users to customize their devices extensively to their own needs, according to its own statement.

Cyanogen Inc .: More ways for users

this personalization is made possible by its own operating system based on Android and that has a lot of additional features that are not found in the official firmware the manufacturer of Android mobile devices. What this means in practice, we explain here in our comprehensive articles on CyanogenMod. A prerequisite for use of CyanogenMod, however, is that the bootloader must be unlocked. Meanwhile there are devices that are equipped innately with a licensed version CyanogenMod, as the OnePlus One - of course these devices do not need to be rooted.

Originally responsible for the custom ROM was Steve Kondik aka Cyanogen, and which now operates a global, non-interconnected development team together. the Cyanogen Inc. was founded just before Christmas 2012th Besides Steve Kondik, the (Chief Technical Officer) occupies today as CTO an important role in the company, also Kirt McMaster as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and founding member is an important part of the company.

Some setbacks and scandals, the company has, however, already had to twist in its young history. So the criticism of the market orientation of the former hobby project was not quiet since the company was founded - although large parts of the project will remain open source and continue to work by amateur developers on CM-ports for a variety of devices. Moreover scene known developers such as Guillaume "XplodWild" Lesniak, Koushik "Koush" Dutta and François "Super Curio" Simonds left in the meantime the project - partly in open conflict. In addition, an open conflict was sparked between OnePlus and Cyanogen to the question of whether one may license exclusive CyanogenMod in India to a third company.

According to CEO Kirt McMaster to Cyanogen wants to solve the medium term by Google - ironically followed a few days after this statement the news that Microsoft allegedly investing 70 million US dollars venture capital into the company.

For more information about Cyanogen Inc. can be found on the official website, the CyanogenMod Wiki and of course, here with us.

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