Altis Life: Tips and tricks to making money and more

With Altis Life there is a mod that will like DayZ provide for ArmA 2 for a long-term game fun with the game from the house of Bohemia Interactive's ArmA third Unlike DayZ you have however not dealing here with undead and are not a soldier, as in the main game, but need you as a police officer or civilian your way through the Mod tracks.

Altis Life: Tips and tricks to making money and more

Do you play on the part of the police need to follow their server-based rules and such. As for the observance of traffic rules provide. As a civilian you're on your own, but also need for specific rules act.

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Altis Life: Tips and Tricks for ArmA 3 RPG Mod

Unlike many other games, your character is stored locally on a server. Any progress that you earn in Altis Life, therefore, exist only on that particular server. So you can find a quick introduction to Altis Life, you will find some useful tips and tricks for Arma 3 Altis Life Mod. Especially at the beginning of the game you should familiarize yourself with some keyboard shortcuts to quickly access important commands. The menu is "Z" call. Here you will find an overview of the current account, your licenses and other important information for the game. By clicking "Sync" the current account is stored:

Zopen menu
Uopen vehicle and complete - some servers prohibit stopping an unfinished vehicles
Shift + TCalling vehicle inventory
Shift + Hhide weapons or show - some servers prohibiting the open carrying a weapon
Shift + GSurrendering - z. B. chases
Shift + Menable GPS

After you have found the entry to a server, you should first impress you the prevailing rules.


Altis Life: earn money advice

Especially at the start of Altis Life you are short of money. Accordingly, it is important to find ways how the Arma can earn 3 Mod Money. For this, both legal, and dark paths. Among the allowable ways to obtain money in Altis Life include:

  • pick fruit
  • fishing
  • Delivery missions and errands ( "Delivery Points")
  • Search oil
  • collect resources


Who does not, however, has with the law in such a way may resort to the following means:

  • people rob
  • turtle hunting
  • acting drugs
  • Bank robbery

In order to collect as effectively as possible, you should take a equipped with a backpack from the market. Sold the collected apples from dealer to replenish your cash account.


Altis Life: Tips and Tricks

For optimal gameplay you should try at the beginning of the game, as soon as possible to buy a vehicle. By picking apples the account is usually filled fast enough to be able to afford a quad along with driver's license. Did you once the quad, you should move you to the more distant peach fields. The sale of peaches brings you much more money in Altis Life than it does collecting Äpfenl. Also messengers jobs you need a vehicle. For this one should be a more powerful vehicle, as have the quad however. When your delivery programs, you should also pay attention to traffic rules in order to avoid a fine and punishment by the police.

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