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The iPhone 5s is the oldest iPhone model, with the iOS works. 11 Often in this situation careful: iOS updates are known to slow down old equipment. Is that the iPhone 5s also the case?

iPhone 5s with iOS 11: Is it worth the update?

iOS 11 slows the iPhone 5s only slightly

How much worth in an iPhone 5s upgrade to iOS 11? Some features of the new version of iOS are not enabled with the iPhone from the year 2013 - for example, Arkit, the new Siri voices proactive Siri search capabilities or the possibility of photos and videos in the new formats heif and HEVC take. What other improvements, the iOS brings 11, learn it in our video:

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For many users, the crucial question but it will be: how much the upgrade slows the iPhone 5s? Ars Technica has addressed this issue and come to a clear conclusion: only slightly. Launching apps, the "old iPhone + new OS" in the past was sometimes unbearably slow in the combination slowed with iOS 11 on the iPhone 5s in most cases, significantly less than one second. Only the Apple maps app takes 3.2 instead of 2.2 seconds significantly longer for the start, even in the mail and note-taking app is the increase of 1.8 instead of 1.4 seconds and 2.0 instead of 1 5 seconds still quite high. Above all, the boot process when you restart the device 38.6 has become much more slowly instead of 26.6 seconds.

The testers is also noticed that background processes slow the iPhone 5s stronger the case as it is with the iOS 10 - for example, if the operating system will download in the background apps and installed or perform the music app music downloads. But some tasks, such as taking photos, sending emails and scrolling continued to function very well. The performance of Safari have after the update even improved in some areas. A good idea for a minor "acceleration", is also "reduce movement" option to activate in the settings under "General". The iPhone then must represent less animations of the user interface.

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Conclusion: The upgrade is worth it

Therefore, the conclusion of the tester is: An upgrade to iOS 11 is also recommended for iPhone 5s users. The system has become slightly slower, but this is not so bad by far, as was the case with previous models - you remember above all the iPhone 4s with iOS 8 or iOS 9. But the iPhone 5 with iOS 10 either worse issued. The worst negative example is probably already be the iPhone 3G with iOS 4 for all time:

With the combination of iOS with iPhone 5s 11 is again also be noted that some of the new features are available with the 2013er model of the iPhone. They also state that the iOS 11 and future iOS updates 11 major improvements in terms of safety entail. Since iPhone 5s users do not have to do without it, they should not do it.

Source: Ars Technica