use Netflix in Germany: Legal American top series look

Netflix movies via Media Hint in Germany

The browser plug-Media Hint (available for Firefox and Chrome) allows you to easily access pages that come standard with a regional blockade. This is easily circumvented with the add-on, you have to pay for these services to Netflix continue to use the can you but from Germany, even before official delivery.

netflix offer the latest releasesNetflix look into Germany via Media Hint

For this you just have you install in your browser the appropriate add-on Media Hint, the blockade then bypasses the browser extension all by itself. The add-on keeps invisibly in the background and jumps in web offers with countries blockade and leaves so services like Netflix too easy. In the following guide you learn as you use in conjunction with Netflix best Media Hint.

That here prevails a legal gray area, there is no question it uses the service will also continue at your own risk.

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Netflix look legal 12 months for 6 euros in Germany

That sounds tempting, is not it? Is easily doable, if ye a Netflix 12-month voucher for eBay concerned. Whether you use it a German PayPal account or other payment method is irrelevant. The price of the vouchers be around 30 euros.

but wait, the title is 6 euros. In fact, however, you'll get when you redeem the voucher 5 user IDs that you can pass on to friends and acquaintances (30: 5 = 6).

So you go for it:

  1. Buys the voucher on eBay
  2. Install the browser extension Media Hint for your browser
  3. Opens the official homepage of Netflix
  4. registered you
  5. Trips the voucher Redeem Gift Code on
  6. You will receive a 12-month subscription for 5 user profiles

Thanks for the tip, coops

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