This can Bixby Voice: Impressive videos show wizard in action

"Hi Bixby, what can you really?" Shortly after the official start of Bixby voice in the US will now begin Samsung promo campaign. We show you the four new videos in which Bixby reveals its potential.

This can Bixby Voice: Impressive videos show wizard in actionSource: Samsung Smart Life

After the beta period with over 100,000 subscribers, the digital assistant from Samsung is finally here with language support. Users of the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus in the US can now also control via voice their device. What Bixby voice anything can, shows us the South Korean company in four short videos.

This can Bixby: An Overview

32772Bixby Voice: This is Samsung's digital assistant

In the first of four videos Samsung goes straight into the full: In just 60 seconds, we get a good overview of what is possible to launch in the US with Bixby. store memories, create photos (and add the same effects), finished screenshots and send to contacts&# 8230; almost every second the functions are presented.

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Bixby also for late risers

1681Bixby Voice: manage alarms

In the second video is more leisurely to the point: No wonder the protagonist is in bed and would also prefer to stay there. Bixby takes the new alarms without complaint acknowledges and understands thereby also the respective context. The Galaxy S8 must not be put into the hands of it - on "Hi Bixby" the voice recognition will start automatically.

Bixby as a meteorologist

3414Bixby Voice: Weather

What would a digital assistant without the weather? Of course Bixby may also weather to the user, for different places and for different times. The context is understood here again. When asked "how the weather will be in two days?" Bixby is clear that it comes to the location of the owner.

Smartphone control with Bixby

23,707Bixby Voice: make settings

The last video still takes a look at the acquisition of smart phone features through the wizard. With Bixby Settings can carry the smartphone simple: set the background image, launch the flashlight, change the ring tone, display new notifications&# 8230; also the possibility of SMS and e-mails is not shown in the video to read aloud. The feature has been implemented by Samsung for the launch of Bixby voice in the US.

Source: Samsung Smart Life via 9to5Google


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