What is a Google Account? An account that many functions!

What is a Google Account? An account that many functions!

Many believe that Google account is only for emails there - or at best, a notification for the Android phone. But behind it is much more. You definitely will a Google Account to use as the online office programs, save your photos online, listen to music or to store contacts.


  • What does the Google Account?
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Anyone who registers for one of the many Google services, a Google account must create. To do this you can not even use the Google-mail address. The Google Account is the central gateway for the growing Google offers. You can thus naturally send emails, save your data in Google Calendar or log you on YouTube. But you need it to log you on Google Wifi order to buy books or movies in the Google Play Store app or on the social network Google Plus. The good thing is that you must not register a new account for each service, but can use a Google account to all offers.72259Google Play services

What does a Google account?

No matter where in the internet you come into contact with the Google Account: Once set up you can register with any other service of the company with your Google Account. When registering a cookie on your computer, phone or tablet is stored, with the you recognize the other services.google-account-SetMany factors a Google Account can be setThese offers can you make use of, for example, with a Google Account (or better):
  • In addition to the search engine itself is safe Gmail the best-known offer. Thus are directly related services Google Calendar and Google contacts.
  • Google Photos you can use it as online storage for all your photos.
  • utilize online storage services from Google Google Drive. There you will find not only your photos but also about data, ensure Apps of Android phones there. These include apps like Whatsapp. In addition, you can also use for backups of your computer to the cloud storage.
  • Also, the mobile operating system Android was developed by Google. If you set up a new Android phone, you need to log you in with a Google account.
  • Who uses Android, required for specific apps and you get in Google Play Store. Similar to Apple's App Store or iTunes you can buy there apps, but Google music, movies or books.
  • Services such as Google search, Google News or Google Maps can use their even without an account. However, even then the personalization possibilities are not available. Once you are logged in there, you can determine which results are presented primarily or in the Google search, for example, in Google News in principle, determine the number of displayed sites or disable the "Safe Search".
  • Also on the function of Google Keep (formerly Google notes) you can only fall back with a Google account. It allows you creating personal notes that you reach from anywhere an Internet connection is available.
These are the best known features of a Google account, but there are also some other offers that are aimed primarily at marketing professionals and webmasters. Will you, for example, your page log in to Google, delete pages from Google or improve Google's position by submitting sitemaps, then you need to the Google Webmaster ToolsAlso intended for webmasters are the offers Google Adsense and Google Analytics. The former is the network of Google. The latter provides analysis of Web site users. With Adsense can earn their money by her fades on your side advertising that is delivered by Google. Analytics is a very comprehensive analysis solution that you can learn more about how the visitors of your page in the content move.And these services can you use a Google account. Once logged in you can every Google service visit and be "recognized" immediately. This is only partially handled differently. So YouTube also heard though to Google and you can you register there with your Google Account, but at least the separation is so consistent that you are not automatically logged on there when you log in to Gmail.

Create a Google Account

Do you want to create a Google account, then you can call to Plus example, Google Mail or Google. Or you go directly to the "central Google Account Management", which you reach by https://accounts.google.com/SignUp.google-account-createIn a few steps to create the Google AccountYou do not make a lot of information when you create a new Google Account. The most important point is actually whether you wear an account that is connected to a Google e-mail address, or if you used to log another existing address. In principle, these two methods do not differ very much. Only you do not have Google email address just in the second case. Otherwise, it does not matter. Start Photogallery(12 images)Google Tricks: New Features, Easter Eggs and assistance for the search engine

set up the Google account

Under https://myaccount.google.com/ you can Set up your Google Account. The overview is divided into different categories, which should work through it step by step. We can give no general advice for the settings of your Google Account you out, as some are downright paranoid when it comes to privacy, while others that does not matter.google-securityIn any case, you should the Google security check do. Various settings are checked concerning your immediate safety, such as the costs associated with the Google account devices or apps. Here you also lays down a phone number or e-mail address that can be used for account recovery.Also in the account index to upload your privacy of the account set up and perform a privacy check. Here, you can then change privacy settings, or even perform for the first time.I can set up your Google account by their gradual passing each category. That work pays, even if you do not feel persecuted by Google. For many details need not monitor Google and personalized advertising is often complete nonsense anyway, since, for example, offers a hard disk because you just bought one.Generally, a Google Account is very useful. It costs nothing, provides a lot of useful functions and can, for example - used clever - serve as a backup solution, spam and virus filters as well as a practical online gallery. but those who are afraid to give Google even more data that should anyway use other search engines, other mail providers and best encrypted VPN services, as it moves on the Internet.Did you "What is a Google Account? An account that many functions!" fallen from Marco Kratzenberg?Write us in the comments or share the article.We look forward to your opinion - and of course you must like us on Facebook,twitter or Google+.