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MacBook Pro – Complete info at GIGA
MacBook Pro - Complete info at GIGAGIGA-rating:Reader Rating:603.0descriptionThe WWDC 2012 brought among other things, updated versions of the 13&# 8243; and 15&# 8243; MacBook Pro &# 8211; next to the Next Generation MacBook Pro. Although the new models get any new design or retina display, under the hood, but a lot has changed. Bad news for fans of the ironing board: The 17&# 8243; MacBook Pro is no longer offered by Apple.

new processors

Not surprisingly, Apple has equipped the new devices, the latest Ivy Bridge generation of Intel's Core i5 and i7 processors. the 13&# 8243; MacBook Pro comes with 2.5 GHz i5 processor or 2.9GHz i7 CPU. In both cases, there are dual-core chips.the 15&# 8243; however, MacBook Pro has quad-core CPUs i7 series in versions 2.3 and 2.6 GHz. The big 15&# 8243; model can be optionally selected a 2.7-GHz processor.All processors feature Intel's Turbo Boost feature that a maximum clock frequency - allowing up to 3.7 GHz - depending on the base clock.

Memory and graphics

When it comes to memory, Apple has to splash out: The new chips are 1,600 megahertz quickly total up to 8 gigabytes can be selected. In terms of graphics, there is in addition to the built-in Ivy Bridge GPU chip Intel HD Graphics 4000 NVIDIA graphics chip GeForce GT 650M, which is to provide up to 1 gigabyte of video memory for a corresponding performance. This NVIDIA chip remains, however, the 15&# 8243; -models reserved.To the resolutions, nothing has changed: The small MacBook Pro is still at 1,280&# 215; 800 pixels is limited, while in the 15&# 8243; Model default 1440&# 215; 900 pixels on the agenda. Optionally, the large MacBook Pro can also with a higher-resolution panel with 1680&# 215; 1,050 pixels are ordered. Then there is the choice between a glossy or anti-glare display.

Interfaces: USB 3.0 Finally

Last year, Apple donated (almost) all Macs a Thunderbolt interface - which is very fast indeed, for it but so far are few and very expensive hardware. Many manufacturers, especially in the PC market, put instead Thunderbolt rather to USB 3.0. Now Apple supports the latest version of the widely used interface: The new MacBook Pro models continue to feature a Thunderbolt port, but also let on which of course is also functional older USB devices via two USB 3.0 ports, ,

Hard drives and SSD

In terms of data storage, Apple has not yet adopted the classic MacBook Pro from the rotating disks. There, depending on the model 500 or 750 GB as standard equipment, optional, it can be replaced by a fast SSD with up to 512 GB, however.

Prices remain the same

Despite all the innovations Apple has decided against a price increase: Both the base model of the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the the basic model of the 15-inch unit cost the same as their predecessors. The prices of 13&# 8243; MacBook Pro start at 1,249 euros, who the 15&# 8243; must takes place at least 1,879 euros on the table.What is surprising is that there is no new 17-inch MacBook Pro - apparently Apple has decided not to continue to offer such a large device. High-end customers are more likely to opt for the new Next Generation MacBook Pro at home.Manufacturerdescription ofHolger Eilhard Other topics: MacBook, Apple Watch Special Event March 9, 2015 - Live Blog, Appletest
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