Narcos: When does Season 2 on Netflix? Release date announced

With the drug drama "Narcos" Netflix has a series more that gives the seller the race for the favor of streaming viewers a head start. Since August 2015, all episodes of the first season of Narcos in the stream can be viewed. But what about a continuation of a second season? The date for the release of the second season has now bekanntgegeben-

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As expected, the second season of Narcos will start at Netflix. The series about the rise of drug lord Pablo Escobar also turns out to Sense8, Better Call Saul and other Netflix original a success. Just days after the start of the first season Netflix confirms therefore that a second season of Narcos is considered safe.

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Narcos: Season 2 &# 8211; Release date announced

Fans of the series around the drug lord have to wait a little longer. The launch of the new episodes was announced for 2 September. As usual. are published all the episodes at once. The second season will again consist of ten episodes, each of which bring a game length of about one hour. Adam Fierro, known among other things, working on "The Shield" takes the place of Chris Brancato as showrunner for the new episodes.

Narcos: When does Season 2 on Netflix? Release date announced

Narcos: Second Season - new episodes in 2016

Narcos builds on the past achievements of Netflix series, after all, not only production after the first season has been set yet. The series shows the rise of Pablo Escobar for the notorious drug lord of the world. In addition to Escobar the struggle between the Colombian law enforcement and the drug cartel in Medellin at the heart of the series is. The story is based on real events. The "King of Cocaine" Pablo Escobar is in Narcos played by Wagner Moura. The other main roles take Boyd Holbrook and Pedro Pascal as a DEA agent Steve Murphy and Javier Pena.

Narcos: When does Season 2 on Netflix? Release date announced

Just a week after the start of Narcos a second season of Netflix has been confirmed. As usual with Netflix, the consequences of the second season will be provided in one fell swoop online, so that no waiting times weekly will be until the story is retold.Narcos: When does Season 2 on Netflix? Release date announced

We also show you what costs Netflix on you and how it looks with an offline mode at Netflix. The consequences of the first season of Narcos can be accessed at Netflix in Ultra HD 4K.

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