Samsung Galaxy S4 make faster: With these settings, it works

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Samsung Galaxy S4 make faster: With these settings, it works
Fast, it will be faster! The Samsung Galaxy S4 with its 1.6GHz quad-core processor and its 2GB of RAM, although already a pretty fast smartphone. But you can make the device even more quickly with a few settings. We show you what you must do exactly her for it.Samsung Galaxy S4 make faster: With these settings, it works

Samsung Galaxy S4 make faster: How to

A very simple and just as effective away to your Galaxy S4 to be made more quickly when going on their settings at the animation speed. But you have to do that? Well, you were certainly not be here if we did not have an answer. So, let's go: Start Photogallery(8 pictures)Smartphone concepts vs. Reality (iPhone 5, Galaxy S5 & Co.)

enable developer mode: Samsung Galaxy S4

First of all, you have to activate the developer mode of your Galaxy S4. Sounds complicated, but it is not. All information to you will also find in this article, below there is a summary of the whole thing:
  • Quickly opens the system settings of your Galaxy S4
  • Clicking over there (slow or fast as you like it) to the options-menu
  • You can find the point at the bottom: About device. click it
  • Now you can show what you have on it: Click 7 times (quick) succession on the shaded point "build number". Here, a countdown is displayed (if you have not done before) and after 7 Click the Developer mode is enabled. Since I have done this on my device that looks like this:
Samsung Galaxy S4 Schneller make-3

Samsung Galaxy S4: make Finally everything faster

So after you have so now get deeper access rights to your device, it can continue.
  • Clicks you now back to the options menu, where you can now find the resulting magically point developer options. Opens with a click
  • Note: If you do not so exactly know what they mean the individual points here rather let the fingers of the other things, because you can also mischief quickly here.
  • The relevant points you to make your Galaxy S4 faster, located under the heading "drawing" and read: Windows animation scale,  Transition animation size and Animation time scale
  • All these three points are on the default tab &# 8220; 1x&# 8221; set, that should now change. So you can set the value to either &# 8220; 0.5&# 8243; reduce or eliminate the animation completely. If you decide on the latter, the closing and opening of apps can be edited and not as fancy, but everything goes a little faster. And faster a is exactly what we want here.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Schneller make-7Of course you can also make things more slowly, thus ensuring smoother animations, but the values ​​must simply be increased only.If you are looking for Other useful tips & Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S4 are, just have a look here
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