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Android 7.0 nougat is Google's new operating system for smartphones and tablets. The successor to Android 6.0 Marshmallow wants to extend battery life and make multitasking Mobile-capable. The final release of Android 7.0 nougat is already published. But what are the Sparks Onen? Here you can find the information.

Android 7.0 nougat: The new features at a glance

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Android 7.0 nougat: Release - When will the new operating system?

Android 7.0 Nougat is published by Google now final and is as always first on the Nexus smartphones try. Which smartphones and tablets get the update, you can see in our Android 7.0 nougat device list. The final release of Android N was planned in the third quarter. Google has published accordingly on 22/08/2016.

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Android 7.0 nougat: Functions - This is (again) new

Android 7.0 comes with a lot nougat finishing touches and partially removed earlier functions are reintegrated. Around 250 new features Android will accommodate 7.0 nougat, but most happen under the hood. We have yet picked out the most interesting ones.

Improved Quick Settings & Notifications

If you pull down the quick settings, you now see as in previous versions of Android again immediately some settings such as Wi-Fi, flight mode etc. that you can on or off. So a repeated wiping is no longer necessary. You too can a calculator on the quick sets, and you can start each setting tiles also edit and customize. How this works on Android 6.0, learn it here: Android 6.0 Marshmallow: 7 professional tips to follow suit.

Quick settings are displayed after one wipe and settings can be edited. Source: Caschys blog.Quick settings are displayed after one wipe and settings can be edited. Source: Caschys blog.

If you notifications taps longer opens a new menu where you have new options to the message. You may be able, for example, mute or block. That brings us to the six priorities that can allocate their notifications now:

  • Blocked: Never Shows notifications.
  • Minimal: Shows silent notifications to the bottom of the notification list.
  • Low: Displays silent alerts.
  • Normal: Notifications can also be done with sound.
  • High: Sound and Peek notifications are enabled.
  • Urgent notifications appear at the top of the list, have Peek and use sound.

We activated their function and use, learn here: 7.0 nougat Android: Set priority notifications.

Improved battery life & faster start

Hallelujah: In Android 7.0 nougat Google pays particular attention to the battery duration. The resting state and Doze mode will now also immediately save power when the display is turned off. Earlier this worked only when the smartphone was some time still. At rest, the apps running sync much less. Presumably, the smartphones are thus not hold equal to 3 days, but it is an important step away from the socket Steckerei.

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Android 7.0 nougat should also thanks to the function Direct boat launch faster than Android 6.0 Marshmallow: In addition to the battery has also been working on the boat speed. So far, however, the function is not yet reliable enough.

Structured settings menu, night mode and emergency information

The settings in Android 7.0 nougat been revised. They are now much more structured and clearer. the main settings can be accessed via a sidebar. In addition, frequently used settings at the top of the screen are displayed.

Android: the evening and night are automatically adjusted to display colors.Android: the evening and night are automatically adjusted to display colors.

In the settings, now you can also set up a night mode. Here, the display emits less blue and more red tones, which protect the eyes and should work less tiring. Android 6.0 can the already implemented with the function Live display. Here we show how you can enable 7.0 nougat night mode in Android and how the display colors look like.

In addition, you can set up emergency information, such as the address of the smartphone owner or other medical contacts.

Automatic updates in the background for faster installation

Android 7.0 nougat will automatically download and install updates in the background - even if the device is not unlocked. This should be possible through the use of two partitions. This, however, only the installation of updates is accelerated, not the updates themselves. However, this feature will probably support only new smartphone models.

Volcano API for better gaming graphics

The new graphical interface volcano to make games faster and more beautiful. Here is being spoken to console quality graphics on smartphones and tablets. In addition, the graphics performance to be consistently effective with the same hardware. All information on volcanic API is available here.

Protostar: Unreal Engine 4 demo with volcano on the Samsung Galaxy S7Protostar: Unreal Engine 4 demo with volcano on the Samsung Galaxy S7

Keyboard can be customized with themes

Small but important: The Android keyboard can also be dyed with Android 7.0 nougat assign your own images.


Android 7.0 nougat is to advance and the multitasking on mobile devices. It can run two apps side by side so, but this is well implemented only on larger smartphones and tablets. Also read this: Android 7.0 nougat: Use Multi-Window - how it works.

With Android, Google N concentrates on the essentials: the battery.Android 7.0 nougat also supports multitasking.

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