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With the Hotmail login you get in touch with a few mouse clicks with Hotmail (now Outlook) in to use the free e-mail services from Microsoft. You can use your old user name and continue to enter the password in Hotmail login - then goes&# 8217; s on to your Hotmail e-mail account.

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here goes&# 039; s for Hotmail Login*

Hotmail was the e-mail service from Microsoft and installed mainly in the late nineties and early 2000s as part of the Microsoft Network (MSN) on numerous computers. At peak times, Hotmail had more than 12 million users. This made it one of the leading webmail provider in the world. Since 2013 there are no more Hotmail &# 8211; it was replaced by the successor service The practical case: You can also pick now with your usual e-mail address at Hotmail login login. How to do you learn here.

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Hotmail login: Subscribe to &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s

So logging into Hotmail works:

  1. First calls in your Internet browser page on.
  2. Afterwards you will be redirected to the Hotmail login.
  3. Give in the new window your Hotmail e-mail address and your password.
  4. Let yourself this is not of the heading Outlook and confuse the name Microsoft account: The Hotmail login also works with a Hotmail address.
  5. Tips for secure passwords can be found here: Secure Password: Top Tips and memory aids.
  6. When you're done typing, you click once on Log &# 8211; then get her access to your Hotmail mailbox and can receive e-mail, send and upload documents.

If you want, you also can send your old Hotmail address in an Outlook address convert - but that only works in one direction: an Outlook address can then not be changed back. No matter what address you use for Hotmail login - the process itself is in principle but always the same and works as described above. If you have problems with Outlook you look over here: Solution: your Outlook account settings are obsolete - Errors in Windows 10.

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Hotmail e-mail Login: Forgot your password &# 8211; solution

If you have forgotten your password for the Hotmail login, you simply click on the button If they can not access their account? On the next screen you choose the option then I forgot my password and follow the onscreen instructions. More tips can be found in this article: Microsoft account: Forgot your password - Access to restore the PC and Xbox. We also show you what tools there are to crack a password.

Hotmail Login Forgot your password

Hotmail login does not work: No access to the account

There may be problems with the Hotmail login and you can not log in you and sign up. In this case, you should try the following tips:

  • First checks whether you have all entered correctly.
  • Observed primarily the upper and lower case as well as the input of special characters.
  • but there may be a fault with Hotmail: Then you can on the website the Allestörungen - Hotmail runs there, however, under the name of Outlook.
  • Are you trying to log you with an old Hotmail address, it may be that the address is simply too old and has been disabled by Microsoft. In this case, you have to create you a new Outlook account.
  • Read our guide to setting up Outlook: How to&# 8217; s.

Perhaps you are already upgraded to the latest operating system from Microsoft. Windows 10 also provides a convenient mail app, which you can set up their few simple steps. What you have to consider her case, you read in the article Windows 10: Set up mail and add with app &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s.

 for free with Hotmail

Create Hotmail Account

Register for free with Hotmail*

If you still have no Hotmail e-mail account, you can also register you new &# 8211; However, in this case, you will not get Hotmail address, but a Outlook Email, associated with the Microsoft account.

  • The registry will also run on the website &# 8211; for the application you've got to set a Microsoft account.
  • Click on the button you have no Microsoft account? Register now and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Detailed instructions for creating a Microsoft account, you will find in this article: Create Microsoft account - instructions.

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