Usenet Providers: Best & best Usenet provider

To access the Usenet you need a custom provider and have to use certain search engines. In this guide you will find a comparison of the respective vendors and some tips that you can also get a free Usenet access. 

Usenet Providers: Best & amp; best Usenet provider

If you are a beginner in Usenet, you find important general tips in our Beginner's Guide, in this article is all about the presentation and comparison of potential providers.

Usenet Providers: A comparison of the largest suppliers

providersMethods of paymentprovision timeSubscription, data volume / flat rate
 Usenet provider pared logo of usenet serverPayPal
  • 2616 days
  • You can pay monthly or yearly.
  • VPN service can be booked.
  • You have unlimited data and access to over 100,000 newsgroups.
  • Due to the cooperation with other providers do you have access to almost all content of Usenet.
 Usenet provider hosting news logoPayPal
  •  2616 days
  • Month subscription with three different price levels.
  • Data plan
  • Includes 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Two weeks free trial access to 30 GB of data.
 Usenet provider compared EwekaPayPal, paysafecard, giropay, ukash
  •  2613 days
  • Speeds up to 100 Mbit / s
  • Access to 99% of the Usenet newsgroups
  • No data restrictions
  • No subscription
  • Very cheap with less than 10 € a month
 Giganews usenet provider compared Giganews logoPayPal
  • 2367 days
  • More than six years of binary retention
  • More than 8.5 yeartext storage


  • One of the largest full-service package &# 8211; very suitable for beginners
  • Unlimited access and high speed
  • No maintenance time &# 8211; own server cluster
  • Intense and personal support
  • Online storage in Dump Truck
  • Unlimited and limited monthly access possible &# 8211; terminated at any time.
  • Two weeks free trial access
 Usenext logo comparing the usenet provider Credit card, debit card, PayPal
  • 3,832 days for text
  • 2013 for binaries
  • Big providers with complete comfort &# 8211; ideal for beginners
  • Maximum bandwidth, high speed, its own server farms
  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Over 100,000 Newsgroups
  • Including all necessary software
  • 14 days free access with 300 GB volume
 aeton logo usenet provider in comparisonCredit card, debit card, bank transfer, PayPal,
  •  600 days
  • Monthly notice periods
  • Free SSL encryption
  • anonymous downloads
  • High speed with no or limited data limit
  • Including the necessary software
  • Block accounts, flatrate accounts and free test without notice
 FastUsenet comparison of providerPayPal, credit card
  •  2600 days
  • Download without limit
  • software included
  • Mobile software for your smartphone
  • News Reader
  • Different approaches with monthly payment and 14 days free trial access
 XS Usenet logo comparison of providersCredit card paysafe,
  •  1100 days

  • Lifetime, free access to a Mbit (No SSL, No Posting)
  • Different premium packages on a monthly basis &# 8211; different speeds can be selected.
  • Payment on a monthly basis

As you can see, the differences are partly marginal. If you tried the free trial access succession, you can not only free for several months to Usenet, but also choose the best, which is the provider for your purposes and needs the most appropriate.


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