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SimCity is one of the legendary games ranks of the Games history. With SimCity BuildIt now a new offshoot of the building sim released in late 2014 for free for Android and iOS. So you can quickly build the city of your desires in the Free2Play game, you can find here the best SimCity BuildIt tips and tricks for money, buildings and more.

SimCity BuildIt is available for free in the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store for download.

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SimCity BuildIt: Tips and Tricks for the city-building simulation

As usual for the series of games you have created from nothing a city in SimCity BuildIt. It is considered to place the building strategically to attract new residents to the city to develop the city's infrastructure and fill the coffers through taxes. Anyone who has ever played SimCity on the PC or console, will have internalized the gameplay of SimCity BuildIt within seconds.

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SimCity BuildIt: Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Android and iOS

you build quickly a successful and thriving metropolis with the following SimCity BuildIt tips and tricks:

  • possible away from placing factories from residential areas.
  • Due to the high purchase price for wind turbines, you should opt for a coal plant you in spite of the contamination at the beginning.
  • Near the parks provide increased population density in buildings.
  • Builds the mayor villa and the town hall in the vicinity of residential areas in order to enhance the mood there.
  • Fire Department building centrally as possible in residential areas, in order to obtain the highest possible coverage.
  • If a house burning, which is too far away from the fire station, you can easily this manually during firing next to the fire place.
  • Money is available in SimCity BuildIt by taxes.
  • So many residential areas placed accordingly to lure new residents in your town.


SimCity BuildIt: Golden Key

As with almost any freemium game, of course, a rare in-game currency is not missing in SimCity BuildIt. In the mobile version of the city builder is the golden key. With the golden keys special buildings can be created which particular properties such. As increased education, bring in your town. In SimCity BuildIt you can get golden key in the following way:

  • Cargo ship orders at berth
  • From 90,000 inhabitants by disaster challenges

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Will receive their golden key, you need to first berth for cargo ships. This is enabled from 20,000 inhabitants. In addition, you need at least 10,000 Simoleons on the account. Once construction is once initiated, you have to take a wait of 31 hours of purchase. Of course you can build through the use of SimCash, accelerate or real money. If the berth once built, you reach a cargo ship. Click this and you see on the screen, what resources are needed for the freight. You have collected all the necessary Resssourcen, you send the cargo ship on the trip. Besides some Simoeleons you get free a golden key. The next order is available in a few hours, but you can in advance to see what materials are needed. To save time for the next free golden key in SimCity BuildIt, you can collect them until the arrival of the next cargo ship.


SimCity BuildIt: Cheat for free Keys

Of course, arises in connection with SimCity BuildIt the question whether there is a Hack for free key gives. A functioning hack is currently unknown. Although found in some places in the network SimCity BuildIt cheats that promise you money and more, but you should be careful when downloading the hacks. These are often here to disguise Trojans, on the hackers access to your data on the hard disk or your login information for the Store u. want to give ä.. In addition, SimCity BuildIt is available for free, the development will be refinanced through in app purchases. A use of a SimCity BuildIt Cheats could therefore constitute a breach of the Terms of Use of the app.

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