Instagram: Different fonts for Biography and Co.

Instagram provides each user the same font available. But what do you do if want to use a font just for his "biography", which is somewhat unusual and so stands out from the abundance of texts? For this problem, we offer you in this article a solution.

Although Instagram is a primary image-heavy medium, there are one or two text box to fill - such as in comments, captions for your own posts and the description of one's profile. In order to process images can be found at numerous Instagram filters and additional features such as Boomerang or layout, in terms of Scripture must Instagram, however, yet to follow suit.

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With Font apps change the font

Instagram There is no downloadable extension that you can change the font. There are many free apps that provide various fonts. Among other things, you have the following available:

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After you've downloaded the respective app, you can enter it in the font of your choice your text. Since Instagram does not support writing app, you can not fail to highlight your text and copy. Then opens her Instagram and inserts the selected text into the box (Captions, biography, or the like) into it.

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font generator

Another way to miss his text a different font, is a free generator as you find it, for example here:

Font generator*

Need only to assign your text in the "Enter text here" type and is shown to you in parallel in the lower rows in a different font. Then you copy the text in your favorite font and paste it where you want to have in.


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