What’s POV? Significance and an explanation of the abbreviation

The term POV is often found in connection with games, videos or photos. But what does POV? The abbreviation for "point of view" stands for a certain kind of perspective, whose significance we tell you here.

"Point of view" can be actually translated standpoint, perspective or point of view. That is not meant as a rule, if you come across the term on the Internet. But what does POV because if we find it on the net?

POV and porn

In the explanation of what POV means that you have to start from different points of view when taking photos or movies. You can build multiple cameras and depending on the purpose to change the perspective in a set. Then you see all performers from outside. POV means the opposite: Everything is shown from the perspective of an actor.

what-means-pov-in-videosWhat is POV with videos, games and photos?

In first-person shooter video games you know the safe. The "hero" - so you - sees his opponents and you see him best, his fists or weapons he carries with him. In movies this is also called "point-of-view shot" or "subjective attitude". The viewer sees So what the actor sees.

This has been reflected in a special form of pornographic films in which one sees in general, what the male actor can see. He looks it mostly in the region in which the action takes place. It's not about the "big picture", but the concentration on the "essentials".

In "normal life" knows her POV most likely as a perspective of "Action Cams" like the GoPro. Here, a camera is mounted on a helmet and take on what you see and makes. Such cams are getting better and becoming cheaper ... here are a few deals:

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POV in music videos

Even in popular culture this genre can be found. The music video for "Smack My Bitch Up" by Prodigy is the evening of a person from the moment of "entertainment-ready-making" to total crash.

The great video was shot in 1997 by Jonas Ã…kerlund and you can watch it you here. But bewareIt shows - in addition to some naked people - really unpleasant images of a crash - and a surprise ending!

So if you soon see POV in conjunction with a film that is in most cases a porn - her piglets ... And you know then that you will not see a complete artist, but the essence of the action. Well, at least you do not have to bear the face of the actor.

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