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In WhatsApp the blue hooks indicate the author, if a message has been read &# 8211; but many users do not want that. Nearly 46 percent of our readers come across the blue WhatsApp hook that mark the read status, such as foul-up. We therefore explain how you can disable the blue tick quickly and easily into Android and iOS.

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Sometimes you want to reply to a WhatsApp message later or not. In order not to overthrow the shipper in anger, you could previously the disable in WhatsApp "last online" display. This allowed the author is difficult to gauge when its message has been read. With the blue hooks in WhatsApp that's a little more difficult, because the message is marked as read directly to the recipient. If you stay longer tap on a message and the "Info" operated character, you can even see exactly when a message has been read. But with this guide is now stop it!

Tip: WhatsApp you can a message for yourself as unread, to keep track of your chats. How to do this, we show you in the article WhatsApp messages to mark as unread.

WhatsApp: clear blue hook and off

If you disturb the blue tick, which mark read messages in WhatsApp, you can easily disable the app. As with the deactivation of the time stamp of users can not be viewed "last online" status, it is in the read-receipt catch: If they are turned off, you can not also see if your sent messages were read.

Blue hook signaling recently that the recipient has read the messageBlue hook signal in WhatsApp that the recipient has read the message

What disable apps blue hook - how it works

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WhatsApp: Blue Hook disable in Android

So it turns on the blue tick with the Android operating system:

  • Click on the drop-down menu at the top right.
  • Selects the settings.
  • Taps account.
  • option selects data protection.
  • Here you can disable read receipts, the blue hooks under the menu item.
Whatsapp blue hook disable AndroidHere you turn off the blue hooks into Android.

disable read receipt on the iPhone: Blue Hook

On the iPhone the process works similarly simple. so goes&# 8217; s:

  • Opens the settings of WhatsApp.
  • then selects the menu item account.
  • Taps on data protection.
  • Then search for the menu item read receipt.
  • then taps once on the controller to turn off the blue hooks. (Green: activated white: disabled)
Whatsapp blue hook turn off iPhoneiPhone: The Conditions menu you disable the read receipt.

General note: If you message posting in group chats, a read receipt is always sent &# 8211; So you can not disable the blue tick here.

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