Instructions: iOS 7.1.2 untethered jailbreak with Pangu

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With Pangu Untethered iOS 7.1.2 Version 1.1 is a jailbreak is possible. Immediately Pangu also offers an English translation, is therefore much easier to use.

Instructions: iOS 7.1.2 untethered jailbreak with Pangu

Pangu supports iPhone 5siPhone 5ciPhone 5iPhone 4s, iPhone 4iPad AiriPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad 2/3/4, and iPod touch 5 With iOS 7.1, iOS 7.1.x or later.


  1. Pangu Download (Mirror: Pangu for Windows, Pangu for OS X)
  2. On the iOS device iOS 7.1.2 should already be installed. This can be done either by regular update, or even reinstall iOS entirely by Restore. On Update over-the-air is not recommended, if you want to do the following a jailbreak!
  3. Also, you have to jailbreak the system time on the iOS device to the 2 June 2014 20:30 Reset. After the jailbreak, you can set the date and time again, of course correctly or activate "automatic".
  4. disable passcode lock.
  5. Turn off automatic lock.
  6. disable Find My iPhone (In the unlikely event that something goes grossly wrong, you locked yourself so not even from the iOS device).
  7. Connect your iOS device via USB cable to the computer.
  8. iTunes must be installed, but should remain closed during the jailbreak process.

Instructions iOS 7.1.2 Jailbreak:

  1. iOS device must be turned on.
  2. Reset time on the iOS device on June 2 (NOT in July!) 2014 20:30
  3. open Pangu
    Pangu v1.1
  4. Black "Jailbreak" button click. So you start the jailbreak process.
    If Pangu display this window now, we have reset the time is not correct and should do on the iOS device that now, before continuing.
    Pangu v1.1
  5. After a few moments should be on the home screen of iOS device a new Icon called Pangu appear. Click on it and follow the computer and iOS device now simply let go. The jailbreak process takes about 5 minutes and in between it may look like nothing happens. But this is not the case.Pangu app on the home screenPangu app on the home screen

    On the iOS device, meanwhile, is seen with Pangu logo a white screen.

    Pangu jailbreakt the iOS devicePangu jailbreakt the iOS device

    The iOS device will launch a total of two times independently again. After the first restart, you can unlock the device and take a look at the home screen. About 5 seconds after the device starts the second time again. In the course of the restart you should see several times a white screen with Pangu logo, while normally the white Apple logo is displayed.

    Pangu boot logo after a successful jailbreakPangu boot logo after a successful jailbreak

    If this is the case, the iOS device has been successfully jailbroken. Is this second restart complete, you can unlock the device and use as normal.

  6. Cydia should now be visible on the home screen.

    Pangu & amp; CydiaPangu & Cydia

  7. Finally, one should not necessarily the Cydia source Add in Cydia and then "Complete PPSync Remover&# 8221; Search in Cydia and install it.

With the Complete PPSync Remover from passing the unfortunately supplied by Pangu cracking software PPSync that is still very poorly written and, at best, only app crashes. In the worst case, zerschießt thus iOS and will have to install the device. If Apple as expected iOS 7.1.2 veröffenlichen promptly, you would lose in this case by a PPSync crash his jailbreak and we do not want. So away with PPSync. Complete PPSync Remover can be uninstalled just after its installation again.

NotePlease install any cracked apps. Thus harms not only the developers, but also yourself. Many cracked apps (especially those from China) bring with hidden malware that can poach undisturbed by your data on a particularly gejailbreakten iOS device. We hear these messages over and over again.

Most apps are not programmed by large software companies, but from independent developers. These get to feel every single cracked app. The excuse to want to test the app keeps long gone stand. Many developers offer free Lite versions. And if a purchased app does not work as described or hoped for, you can still easily cause a refund on