Digger: What does this mean?

"What going Digga ahnma?" &# 8211; it is said in one of the new tracks from the Beginner. Especially in the north of Germany, the term "Digga" in many places is firmly rooted in everyday language. But what does this "Digga" actually is and what is the origin of the expression?

Advertised emerged the term "Digga" in various versions. Besides the already mentioned form one reads often "Diggah" or "Digger". Trivializing it sets for "Digger" often "Diggi" one. The meaning is always the same regardless of the spelling usually.

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Digger: Historical Documents

  • The origins of the term "Digger" in the Hamburg area. Unlike many popular rap terms Digger does not come from the United States.
  • The German term "Digger" is not due to the English word "Digger", which means "gold-digger".
  • The slang term comes from the word "Fat" from. By common in the Hamburg area pronunciation of the "ck" as a double "g", the term "Digger" nationalized one.
  • "Fat" is not referring to the body shape, but is a positive form of address meant for friends, pals and colleagues.
  • Synonymous with "Digger" z. B. also used "age".
Children listen to music&# 8220; Check the tight beat, Digger!&# 8221;

Sample sentences for using Digger would be about:

  • "Ey Digga, let&8217; pull ma around the houses! "
  • "Digger, good to see you!"
  • "What's up man?"
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Which means "Digger"?

the term is best known in the nineties by various German hip-hop songs from the Hamburg area. Many should still about the song line of "Türlich, Türlich sure thicker" "Bo" sound from the ear. Also in Hamburg Tatort "digga" is heard again and again.

With us you will find plenty of other explanations of meanings of popular youth words. We clarify for. As what is behind the youth word of the year "fly his" what is a "Babo" and why is the net so often "on Fleek".

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