Pokémon GO play in Germany – Here’s [APK Download]

Pokémon GO is finally here! The AR app, which we have waited so long, can be downloaded. At first she was not available in Germany, which is why you had to resort to the APK file. In this text you will find downloading the APK, if you do not want to download in the Play Store the file.

The long-awaited Pokémon GO is available for Android. Also iOS users the AR app in the App Store to download. Do you have a smartphone that at least Android 4.4 or higher has, you can download the AR app without their problems get with the game. With the APK file can you Pokémon invite you GO on your smartphone when not working for some reason the Google Play Store.

Professional tips for Pokémon GO in the video:

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Pokémon GO officially released in Germany

The release of Pokémon GO was July 12, 2016. Smartphone owners can Pokémon GO Download on the App Store and Google Play Store now official. Do you need yet The latest APK version, be found below them in the text.

Pokémon GO for Android APK play in Germany

Rumored to be banned their accounts and device players, when they play Pokémon GO before release. So far, this rumor has not been confirmed. Updated their app in the store, will your Memory status not slaked.

Pokémon GO is available since today on July 6. The Free-2-Play app with augmented reality elements was until 30 June in the closed beta. The app was announced several years ago - since then the fans of the little pocket monsters anticipating the free AR app. Android users can also download from us Pokémon GO - but on Detours.

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Pokémon GO is already available in German Google Play Store. However, you can not download it. The warning: ". This article can not be installed in the country of your device" appears. Currently, only a few countries are served, such as Japan and the United States. When Pokémon GO officially released in Germany, has not yet been announced.

Pokémon GO is already available in the Play Store - but can not be downloaded.Pokémon GO is already available in the Play Store &# 8211; but can not be downloaded.

App Download: APK Download Pokémon GO

Can you hardly wait to try Pokémon GO, you can check out the APK file Download the AR app, install and start playing immediately. Look before definitely our beginners tips for Pokémon GO through. Here you will also find the Demands on your smartphone. Click on download button below to you the latest APK version.

Pokémon GO play in Germany - Here's [APK Download]downloadQR codecom.nianticlabs.pokemongo_0.29.2-2016071201_minAPI19 (armeabi-V7A) (nodpi) _apkmirror.com.apkFile size: 58.1 MB
Pokémon GO for Android download (APK, about 60 MB)*
  1. Invite you the APK file on your PC by her on the button click on this point, or download the file directly to your phone.
  2. Open your Android settings and searches for the security settings.
  3. Looking for a setting that allows you to install apps from "unknown sources" or "uncertain origin".
  4. now shifts the APK file from PC to your smartphone or open the download notification on the device and select the file.
  5. Now click on Install and confirmed the information.
  6. Whether you your Score over take with release of the German version, we could not test, of course, because this version has not yet appeared.

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A extensive manual, how it works, you will also find elsewhere: Install APK Files without Google Play Store on Android.

Unofficial trick: download and play Pokémon GO for iOS

Before the official release, it was for example in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the USA possible to catch Pokémon in the AR world. With a trick can you bypass the restriction countries and draw you the app on German Apple devices. UPDATE: Now you can Pokémon GO officially in the App Store.

Please note that this method we not recommend. We just want to inform you that there is this way. Should you try it, done that at your own risk. Maybe Apple could your lock account, if you false information.

Where find that Pokémon in Pokémon GO?

A Charmander on a garbage can? Hopefully it starts not the same fire!A Charmander on a garbage can? Hopefully it starts not the same fire!

For this, it bringeth a second Apple ID at. Please keep in mind that the method does not work if you click on the United States. You definitely will for Australia Sign in.

  1. opens App Store on your iOS device. Scroll all the way down and select your Apple ID.
  2. then logs you out from your German account.
  3. Waits a moment and click again to the Apple ID.
  4. Now creates a new account, by clicking Create New Apple ID. pokemon-go-ios-before-release
  5. Selects a region Australia and confirmed with Next.
  6. Confirms the terms of the Australian App Store.
  7. Give to an e-mail address as an Apple ID. This should not be the e-mail address of your first Apple ID. So you need a second address.
  8. Fill the rest of the form (password, security issues, etc.) and select Next.
  9. Now you come to the payment and billing information. Presses none to have to enter a credit card.
  10. In the next step you need a valid Australian address and telephone number.
  11. Now you should receive an e-mail that you must confirm it.
  12. Invite you Pokémon GO on the App Store.

Set Pikachu as a starter Pokémon - important&# 039; s

App download via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Here keep their Pokémon GO for your smartphone through the official store

Pokémon GOdownloadQR codePokémon GODeveloper: Niantic, Inc.Price: Free

Pokémon GOdownloadQR codePokémon GODeveloper: Niantic, Inc. *Price: Free
Read on us, as you increase your level coaches in Pokémon GO and you can find where their Poké Balls. We also tell you how you can catch Pokémon and how the work arenas in the game.

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