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If you do not want to accept calls about because of holidays, you can forward them automatically to another phone number. We show how this works in Android and iPhone.

Those in a hurry can jump directly to the codes with which to set up call forwarding.

So you come to call diversion in Android.So you come to call diversion in Android.

Android: Set up call forwarding

  1.  Open the app phone.
  2. Typed up next to the bar on the three points and selects settings.
  3. taps call accounts and selects your SIM card, if you have several in the smartphone.
  4. Chooses Call Forward out.
  5. Here can you call always forward or only when it does not reject the call.
  6. Selects a menu item and give the phone number to be forwarded to.
Give here the phone number you want to forward the calls.Give here the phone number you want to forward the calls.

Incidentally, the number +491793000400 controls the accessibility of information in the above case. Some mobile operators do not support it, call forwarding at if busy and Unreachable off.

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iPhone: Set up call forwarding

  1. opens the settings.
  2. taps phone > Call Forwarding and provides for the switch Call Forwarding to a.
  3. Give up now the phone number to be forwarded to.
  4. Closes via the button Back from.
So you come on the iPhone for call forwarding. Source: maclife.deSo you come on the iPhone for call forwarding. Source:

, Whether the battery is empty or is the mobile phone in flight mode - in contrast to Android, the iPhone, each call is forwarded when you activate the function.

activate call forwarding via code & deactivate

The following codes work with virtually all mobile phones and smartphones. The respective telephone numbers you have to specify the country code for this method, however. For German numbers thus a +49 stood before the number instead of a 0th

Call divert for all incoming calls

  • Activate: ** 21 * NUMBER #
  • Off: ## 21 #
  • Check status: * # 21 #

When busy call forwarding

  • Activate: ** 67 * NUMBER #
  • Off: ## 67 #
  • Check status: * # 67 #

Diversion when unreachable

  • Activate: ** 62 * NUMBER #
  • Off: ## 62 #
  • Check status: * # 62 #

Call diversion to any period

  • Activate: ** 61 * NUMBER ** TIME #
  • Off: ## 61 #
  • Check status: * # 61 #

Note: The TIME give her in seconds.

Simultaneous call forwarding when unavailable, busy and after a certain period of time

  • Activate: ** 004 * NUMBER #
  • Disable: ## 004 #
  • Check status: * # 004 #

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