Spotify: Change Username – as simple as that!

The change in the user name is not available for Spotify as an option, this project can be successful only in a roundabout way, the end of which we describe to you here, then. Nor is it possible if the Spotify account was set up through a Facebook account to solve the two accounts each other without terminating the Spotify subscription.

Spotify: Change Username - as simple as that!

Unfortunately it is not possible to change the user name in Spotify afterwards. There remains only the option to terminate the account and set up a new desired with the username.

Spotify: Change username &# 8211; this way there

Unfortunately, the options surrounding the amendment of the basic settings of the account after registering with Spotify are not very diverse. Just as it is not possible to solve his account of the FB account if one has his access created it for the first time, there is no feature that allows you to change the user name. Who would need to register again.

Delete Spotify account - how it works!

spotify username change

  1. Either deletes it your old account before the new registration or you have to create another e-mail address for or use.
  2. Then you can re-register you with the desired user name.
  3. If the account has been created on Facebook, the user name must consist of a random number sequence &# 8211; even here there is unfortunately no way to change. Will you look at this link or the unattractive username discard only the creation of a new account will also help in this case.

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Spotify: you change the username &# 8211; you have to bear in mind the

If you only have free access can delete their account easily and create a new, who, however, has booked a paid option should consider briefly two things:

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  1. The minimum term of the subscription! While you can simply delete a free account, paid subscriptions must be terminated formally correct.
  2. The free trial month there are for each customer only once. The application under a different e-mail address does not change anything, because you have to specify data for payment, which then found your name again. Of course you can look for someone else who never wants to take his trial month to complete and settle on that friend or relative.
  3. Both pieces of information result: the opening of a new account should have a certain timing: use trial month it! announce only old subscription, so you do not have to pay twice.17495Say hello to the most entertaining ever Spotify.

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