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PayPal is one of the most widely used online payment services in the world and provides you the opportunity to purchase online and to transfer money without paying any fees. We can charge their PayPal your credit, we will tell you in this guide.

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PayPal is long gone, the only online payment service: Often, the banks offer even today a PayPal alternative, which are accepted by many online stores and delivery services. Nevertheless, a PayPal account continues to offer clear advantages, so the online payment service provides, for example, at the toll-free international transfers or transfers to stores where her your credit card information want to not leave. The charging of the prepaid credit of your mobile phone is possible with many suppliers via PayPal.

Charging Paypal credit &# 8211; requirement

While there is no link to an account possible to get money from other PayPal users, but if you want even deposit money into your PayPal account, you have this previously linked to a bank account or a credit card. The only official alternative is depositing via giropay, but this brings some restrictions with it.

PayPal: Link a bank account

To link your bank account with PayPal, you go as follows:

  1. First log you in PayPal * with your login information.
  2. now selects under the tab &# 8220; e-cards&# 8221; the option &# 8220; add bank account&# 8221 ;.
    Add PayPal deposit money bank account
  3. Now ye bank details and your date of birth must enter.
  4. PayPal now has about you a cent amount in the next 2-3 business days, with a code in use on your bank account. These must then enter her on the PayPal website to verify your account.

PayPal: Pay in cash - Here's

If your PayPal account has been verified and is available without restrictions, can you Charging Paypal credit. Is as follows:

  1. Login you a * account into your PayPal.
  2. Click on the tab &# 8220; e-cards&# 8221; now on the link &# 8220; deposit money&# 8221 ;.
    PayPal deposit money bank account
  3. On the new page you will find the account details from PayPal. The IBAN and use individually assigned in each case per PayPal users.
  4. To that payee you can now transfer the desired amount, which is then credited to your PayPal account. The amount will be credited to your PayPal account within one to two days. A charge by direct debit is of course also possible.
  5. Finished!
Important: Performs the referral by definitely only to the specified PayPal bank account, otherwise can not be assured that the amount is also assigned to your PayPal account.

Charging PayPal with giropay

If you want your bank account is not linked with the your PayPal account, you can also use giropay. There should be noted some limitations that do not exist in a normal account link. Thus, the top-up via giropay is also free, but you need at least an amount of 50 Euro charge. For this only full Euro amounts and no cents are possible. Your bank account must be for the course enabled for online transfer and belong to one of the following giropay partners:

  • savings bank
  • Volksbank Raiffeisenbank
  • Postbank
  • .comdirect
  • BBBank
  • MLP
  • PSD Bank
  • DKB

If you your PayPal balance want to charge via giropay, you go as follows:

  1. Login you a * account into your PayPal.
  2. Click on the tab &# 8220; e-cards&# 8221; now on the link &# 8220; deposit with giropay&# 8221 ;.
    PayPal deposit money giropay
  3. On the following page you your BLZ give and the amount (from 50 euros!) That the want to charge her on your PayPal account.
  4. Your still need to use affirmations prevail agree to a check mark and then clicks the button &# 8220; Next&# 8221 ;.
    PayPal giropay
  5. Now you have to login to you again with your PayPal information to agree to the terms of use giropay.
  6. Then you need your data reaffirm and be with a click &# 8220; Next&# 8221; redirected to your bank site where you have to perform the online transfer normally.
  7. If you have entered the TAN and sent the payment, you will be returned to your PayPal account again. The balance should then available to you immediately.


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