Redeem media market vouchers at Saturn: Is that possible?

Who is not online electronics but wants to buy at the store, usually comes barely past the large retail giant Saturn and Media Markt. A popular gift for Christmas, birthday and Co. are the gift cards that are charged with a specific value for shopping at Media Markt and Saturn. Here, sometimes, the question is whether you can redeem media market vouchers at Saturn or whether to redeem the credit of Saturn in red and black business is possible.

If you use certain actions sent the provider, you can achieve significantly higher discounts. While Media Markt has sold about year-end gift cards worth 60 € for 50 €, puts Saturn in 2017 going on with the VAT action.

Saturn offers at a glance*

Redeem media market vouchers at Saturn and vice versa: it is!

Both Saturn and Media Markt belong to the same group, the Metro Group. Since it seems likely that one can use coupons both chains everywhere, after all, the money ends ultimately in the same fund.

  • Indeed it is possible to redeem vouchers at Saturn Media Markt.
  • Credit cards are accepted, both in stores and at online orders.
  • An appropriately answer to the constantly emerging issue has even tech Nick, the face of the Saturn Commercial video ready.
  • Some actions, however, the adoption of Media Markt credit cards can be ruled out - so even in the current VAT-action 2017th
  • The side with the video was taken offline action and is currently unreachable.
  • even the social media team confirms acceptance of the credit, but has at the same time then to exclude certain actions.
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Saturn vouchers to use at Media Markt also works

Of course, a redemption is the other way possible. If you have so get a Saturn voucher paid, so you can march into the next Media Markt store and access there to the balances with your next purchase. Here, too, is a redeeming possible with an online order.

Online offers from Media Markt*

With us you experience also offers the advantages of the media market club.

Amazon vouchers create (video):

108949Amazon Gift create itself - how it works

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