Movies like Shutter Iceland: The 21 best alternatives

You seek films like Shutter Iceland, ie movies that you can possibly watch several times or come up with a surprise ending? We do not have even looked at us for you our film collection in more detail and show you here the best movies that you can watch when you're Shuttered Iceland by.

6382Shutter Iceland: Official HD Trailer

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The psychological thriller Shutter Iceland is one of the most exciting films of recent years: In the cleverly designed confusion of veteran Martin Scorsese, you know very quickly not know what is reality and illusion. Especially the end still causes guesswork and is definitely a reason to shutter Iceland once more to look at. But then what? Shutter Iceland 2, it is in fact not be as fast. We have therefore made our search for you and show you here the 20 best films like Shutter Iceland.

Inception 2 Release StreamMovies like Shutter Iceland (also starring Leonardo DiCaprio) Look definitely Inception on.

Movies like Shutter Iceland: The best alternatives

Of course, such a selection is always a bit subjective &# 8211; but we have limited ourselves to the list of films that are characterized generally by a mysterious atmosphere, offer a surprising end and you also can look twice because of the complex act like. Many of the following films can be seen at the second time even with completely new eyes and noticed completely new details if you already know how they go out.


Movies MementoSource: Tele Pool

A man wakes up in a motel without knowing how he got there. be on his back strange tattoos &# 8211; Memories of himself because he has lost his long-term memory. A feverish search for the killer of his wife begins and the man lost in a veritable thicket of lies and intrigue. This unusual &# 8211; told from end to beginning through film &# 8211; Star director Cristopher Nolan became known.


Movies InceptionSource: Warner Bros.

And once again, Cristopher Nolan: Just like in Shutter Iceland here Leonardo DiCaprio plays the lead role. In the film, he embodies a dream thief who enters into the consciousness of other people in order to extract their dreams and thoughts. With its various intertwined narrative levels Inception demands an attentive audience &# 8211; and here the end is hotly debated to this day.

12 Monkeys

Movies 12 MonkeysSource: Concorde Video

In 2035 a large part of humanity is wiped out by a virus epidemic. To learn more about the origin of the disease, is the &# 8220; volunteers&# 8221; James Cole (Bruce Willis) is sent via time travel into the past. There he is on the trail of the mysterious underground group the Army of the 12 Monkeys, which is allegedly responsible for the virus. But soon doubts set: Suffers Cole probably just delusional?

The game

Films The GameSource: Focus Features

A successful businessman (Michael Douglas) is persuaded to take part in a very strange game. Supposedly him &# 8220; Game&# 8221; offer completely new experiences &# 8211; and that's true. When suddenly the newscaster starts from the TV out to talk with the man, he realizes that he has embarked on something he can not understand and control. But since it is already too late&# 8230;

The usual suspects

Movies The Usual SuspectsSource: Paramount

The Usual Suspects is one of the best examples of a film that takes the viewer gradually the ground under their feet. The petty criminals Verbal Kint (Kevin Spacey) is a member of a gang and one of the few survivors of an explosion at the Port of L.A. Responsible for this is abgeblich the legendary Turkish gangster boss Keyser Söze. But really there are Söze? And what is really behind the slick facade of Verbal Kint?

No limit

Limitless MovieSource: Concorde Video

The New Yorker writer Eddie Mora is a loser as he is in the book: The deadline for his first novel, he can pass - instead of writing, he hangs out in bars, his girlfriend left him. As he gets the mysterious drug NZT-48 in the hands that increases his intelligence as well as the concentration and perception many times over and a new man makes of it. Unfortunately, quickly set side effects in the form of delusions and psychosis. Eddie has really killed a woman? And who is the mysterious pursuer, whom he has seen more and more often?

With these films, dürftet her for quite a while even be busy &# 8211; if you then still need supplies, you should take a look at the following titles:

  • Sixth Sense
  • The Village
  • The perfect crime
  • The Butterfly Effect
  • Donnie Darko
Movies like Shutter Iceland Sixth SenseThe Sixth Sense is also a classic of the mystery genre.

Of course you can make exciting discoveries in other genres. Look here, the currently most popular movies on Blu-ray to:

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Even more movies like Shutter movies

And here even more exciting mystery films that will occupy you the next time:

  • Mulholland Drive
  • Fight Club
  • identity
  • Oldboy
  • Lost Highway
  • Mirrors
  • Pan's labyrinth
  • pi
  • seven
  • Shining

not know her other films in the style of Shutter Iceland that's not to be seen? We look forward to your suggestions &# 8211; simply use the comment section below the article!


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