Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3: When will Germany start?

September 27, 2015 to April 19, 2016 "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" was broadcast on US television. In order for the American television audience is again a few seasons ahead, because here in Germany we are currently waiting for the TV premiere of Season 2 of the hit US sitcom.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3: When will Germany start?Source: Fox

Since September 2013, the series already excited now many viewers. Currently, not even to think of an end. In March 2016, the radiating US broadcaster Fox has ordered the fourth season of the cop sitcom. We can look forward as a follow-on.

The awaits us in the third season of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

+++not if you have not seen Spoiler +++ Read here the second season.

In the third season of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" it continues amusing. At the end of Season 2 Captain Holt had to resign after he was defeated in a showdown with his arch rival Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntsch (Kyra Sedgwick). but that it is far from over with the popular captain and his assistant Gia (Chelsea Peretti). The two we are in fact meet again in Season 3rd

And anyway? What happens after that kiss with Jake and Amy continue?

See here the trailer for the third season of &# 8220; Brooklyn Nine-Nine&# 8221 ;:

14638Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 - Trailer

When does Season 3 of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" to Germany?

With the charisma of cop sitcom on German television we are lagging behind 1 year. This coming September 15th, 2016 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine "Season 2 will initially start on RTL Nitro. When we can expect the premiere of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 3 in September 2017th

Episode Guide to "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 3

resultUS titleGerman title
1New Captaintba
2The Funeraltba
3Boyle's Hunchtba
4The Oolong Slayertba
5Halloween IIItba
6Into the Woodstba
7The Mattresstba
9The Swedestba
10Yippie Kayaktba
11Hostage situationtba
129 Daystba
13The Cruisetba
14Karen Peraltatba
15The 9-8tba
16House Mousestba
17Adrian Pimentotba
19Terry Kittiestba
21maximum Securitytba
22The Bureautba
23Greg and Larrytba

 The cast of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 3

actorrole name
Andy SambergDetective Jacob "Jake" Peralta
Captain Raymond "Ray" Jacob Holt
Terry crewsDetective Sergeant Terence "Terry" Jeffords
Stephanie BeatrizDetective Rosa Diaz
Melissa FumeroDetective Amy Santiago
Jo Lo TuglioDetective Charles Boyle

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