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Post Actually called German Chancellor Angela Merkel said some time ago is well known, the word of the year 2016 that we in &# 8220; live post facto hours&# 8221 ;. What does that mean exactly? And could the social media have anything to do? We clarify.

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Like every year, the company has for the German language Word of the year named. The jury, made up of the management board and the academic staff, selected around 2,000 proposals, the 10 words that according to the jury &# 8220; substantially shape the public discourse of the year 2016 and accompanied the political, economic and social life of language in a particular way.&# 8221; Winner this year is the term post de facto.

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Post Actually: Word of the Year 2016 &# 8211; What does that mean?

Post fact, is a word that is based on the English word post Truth. translated in German means that approximately &# 8220; I Want to Believe&# 8221 ;. is the fact that the facts and the facts were increasingly less important in the public debate meant. take the place of objective truth emotions and uttering &# 8220; perceived truths&# 8221 ;. were noisy press release from the Society for the German Language &# 8220; ever larger segments of the population in their reluctance ready against "those at the top" to ignore facts and even to accept obvious lies willingly.&# 8221;

Word of the Year Post Actually

Word of the Year 2016 Post Actually

Other nominations included the words United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum, New Year's Eve or defamatory &# 8211; so all terms from the policy discussions this year. Here is the complete list of candidates for the word of the year:

1st placePost Actually
place 2United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum
place 3New Year's Eve
4th placedefamatory
5th placeTrump effect
place 6Social bots
place 7bad blood
place 8scary Clown
place 9Burkini ban
place 10Oh how nice is Panama

2016 Word of the Year was awarded for the 41st time. As in the past was not chosen with the award most commonly used expression, but the word which has particularly characterized (by the jury) the year.

In fact post: Fake news on Facebook, WhatsApp and Co. are the new trend

The jury's decision is probably refers also to the new trend, which lets in social media, especially the network Facebook watch for quite some time for the word Post Actually. Experts criticize for quite some time that the new digital technologies do not contribute to education, but distort the truth. Unaudited statements and fake messages, so-called fake news, are the new trend &# 8211; the fabricated news spread rapidly via Like and Share and achieve huge numbers of users. Partial leads that too serious consequents in reality, as the episode showed the so-called killer clowns recently.

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