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Sports Check is one of the largest providers of sports in Germany. Of course, there is also an online store here. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that an ordered item is too large or in general does not fit just for clothes. In such cases, of course, you have the option items in Sportscheck to return.

Find out here how the return shipment Sportscheck works and what you should consider it.

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So the return shipment Sportscheck works

As with any online store ordered items can be returned within two weeks. The return is free for you.

  • Have you a sports check-branch near you, can you return items there, regardless of whether the products on site or in the online shop was purchased. In the website of the shops you find all stores near you.
  • Hold this your packing slip handy. A refund will be made in the form of a voucher that can be redeemed for more purchases in the store.

Of course, you can also perform a return by parcel. The amount already paid will be returned via the selected when ordering payment option. This works as follows:

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  1. Jump to the return portal Sportscheck.
  2. Select the option "return Buy Online"And Branch purchase return" if you want to return a purchased item in a store.
  3. Login you a check with your sports account.
  4. In the overview you search on the customer and order number from the order in which the corresponding item is.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen. As a result, you will receive a return form and a return label. both documents must be printed become. On the label, the address to which the return is sent finds.

The return of goods from different orders can not. Here separate return jobs must be created.

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Sport Check: return label for the return

Now the product has to be clean and safe packaging. The return form you lay also in the package. The printed return form must be attached to the package exterior. Recycled their old package material, ensures that old stickers, labels and bar codes removed or are no longer visible. Sportscheck works with the shipping service provider Hermes. The package thus can cast her in a Hermes parcel shop near you. Alternatively, you can also hire a pickup such. B. about the Hermes Hotline.

Sport Check: returning ordered goodsThe Package Store Finder brings you to the next Hermes store near you.

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