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The Steam download offers users the opportunity to experience the wide world of computer games. You can buy games directly and download, come in contact with friends and always remain an integrated news feed on the cutting edge in the games world via Steam. Also patches and updates for games are played after the publication directly through Steam on your own PC. To prevent the game data disappear after a computer failure or formatting the PCs in the data-nothingness, you should regularly create backups of games in Steam.

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The application provides Steam doing its own function to create backups. If you install new games on the newly attached PC, you can fall back through Steam backup directly on the already patched versions. In particular, users with many games and a low bandwidth for the Internet connection can thus save time.

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Using the Steam Backup Feature

a Steam backup to create the games, you first open the application. In the menu bar "Steam" there is the option "Backing up and restoring games". After clicking you can select whether "currently installed programs" to dump or an old Steam backup from a "backup file" to be restored.

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Steam Backup: Back up Games

To create a backup in Steam, the first option is chosen. In the next window you select the games that are to be secured by means of Steam backup. After selecting a destination directory you indicate yet, which size of the backup should be stored. Especially for larger backup files it makes sense to split the backup into several files to make these problems a burned CD, or DVD can be. The Steam backups are stored in the target folder and can now be stored on an external storage medium.

Restore backup Steam
From a steam backup can be restored games, having to accept without long download times

Steam backup restore after reinstalling

To upgrade it to the game in Steam backup again, you re-opens the "Save games and restore" function from the "Steam" menu bar. In the window that appears, you select the option "Backup File Recovery" and opens the previously saved games in Steam backup. Now the application checks the cache files of Steam and compares them with the available backup. After a short wait, the backup is complete and the game is on the state to which the Steam backup was created.

A lengthy download the game and the patch is therefore no longer necessary. When handling backups in Steam should be noted that no memory files, mods or even create maps and settings be adopted. These must be backed up separately or be started again. If the backup was not taken properly or steam despite Backup attempts to download game data again to open the games library, right click on the affected game, opens the property and checked under "Local Files" the "game files for errors."

Steam Check Backup FilesIf the Steam backup is not working properly, the local files should be checked

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