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If you want to leave the page numbers only begin on page 3 in Word to act professional, then that's no problem. Read here how to do it and also how their page numbers from page 3 with 1 start at Word initiated.

Page 1 is the cover sheet behind the cover, page 2, the rear side by the cover sheet. Books start on page 3 with the numbering. If you want to start the page count in Word page numbers from page 3 in your text, then that's pretty simple. Just as simple as it, if you let the first two pages without page numbers, but want to start from page 3 with the 1. We introduce you to both methods.

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Word page numbers start from page 3

Word the page count usually begins at page 1 - even if no page numbers are displayed. Although you can adjust the formatting so that Word page numbers start from page 3, but then stands up under your first page "Page 3" and the third side has the number 5 as a side.

To set it so that the first two pages without a page number are and thereafter, the page number in page 3 starts, you must

  • at the end of a page 2 section break insert,
  • the Break Link footer with the previous footers,
  • Insert the first page number in the Page Three and
  • the Formatting page numbers.

This works best when you insert the page numbers only when you have already written a few pages. In our example, we assume that their 1 and 2 uses the pages as cover page and cover page back, the actual text starts on page. 3

Tip: If you want the page numbers in Word can start on another page, you read this guide: Set Word page numbers from page 2 - very simple.

So you proceed when you want Word to enter the page numbers only on page 3:

  1. Point with the mouse cursor to the end of page 2.
  2. enabled top of the menu the tab page layout and clicks there in Section Page Setup on breaks.
  3. This opens a menu where you Top Page Breaks and below section breaks can choose.
  4. Click in the area section breaks on the first option with the name Next page. Then a section break is inserted. So that the text is divided into two sections: The first two pages are listed in Section 1, the rest in Section 2.
  5. Go now to the bottom of page 3 and leads a Double out, to edit footer. Alternatively, you can simply click the right mouse button there and then Edit footer choose.
word-page numbers-page-3 linkageIf you want Word to insert page numbers starting on page 3, you have to solve the section link
  1. Now you see above, a new menu labeled Header & Footer. is there - about in the middle - the option Link to Previous active and yellow. This link between the section 1 and section 2 needs to be solved, by her once clicks on it!
  2. Also in the Header & Footer Tools menu you will find on the left the icon with the label page number. Click on it.
  3. now selects the menu bottom of page a format that you like. You can change the formatting later arbitrarily.
  4. Word inserts the page number there now. 3 At the same time the numbers 1 and 2 on the front of it pages are inserted.
  5. Since the portions were separated 1 and 2, you can now on page 2 click in the footer and delete the page numbers. then it disappears in page 1, but remains in side third

Since the two text sections are no longer linked, you can in section 1 Clear footers without the influence on the numbers in Section 2 has.

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Word page numbers only begin from page 3 - but with the number 1

The method described above adds in Word page numbers only from the side 3 a, starts counting as well with the number 3. In books is common. But if you want your actual text, and thus the page count to "Page 1" begins, you must still make a small change.

word-page numbers-from-page-1So Word begins the page numbers with the number 1
  1. performs a Double-click on a footer with page number by. Above the menu opens Header & Footer.
  2. Left menu finds its icon page number. Click on it.
  3. Selected in the following menu Formatting page numbers.
  4. This opens the top of the image to be seen window.
  5. In the area paging puts her mark on starting at and there carries a number. 1
  6. confirmed OK.

Now begins the Word counting with the 1, but is just beginning on page 3 so on. You can also adjust the desired course by their previously more or fewer pages fits and starts counting with other numbers. The technique is always the same.