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The US series White Collar ran in the US at the cable channel USA Network, and includes six seasons. In Germany, RTL has secured the rights to the broadcast and showed the series for the first time Neal Caffrey could inspire viewers, are now wondering often whether they still 2011. The exciting stories about Special Agent Peter Burke and the experienced thief and art forger with White Collar Season can expect 7th

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The sixth season, there were already tough and lengthy negotiations that were very stressful for the entire production staff. Since USA Network could not decide for a long time, whether there should be a sixth season, actors and authors with persistent uncertainty had to get around and juggle with their other obligations. Since the fifth season ended with a cliffhanger, was basically clear that it has yet to come to a conclusion and, ultimately, the leaders could agree on a compromise &# 8211; the sixth season and with it the end of White Collar was decided.

Overall, the series comes with it to 81 episodes in six seasons, but fans continue to hope for the production of Season 7 of White Collar. Is this realistic?

White Collar Season 7: If the series is definitely the end?

2613White Collar Season 5 Sneak Peek
If series are removed because they do not succeed, that's very understandable, albeit for fans yet sad. to end a series that is going very well, is rather unusual &# 8211; White Collar could generate a large, loyal following &# 8211; So what the problem was in the production of Season 7?

  • USA Network has changed the currency of his work &# 8211; Since the takeover by Comcast, it is appreciated that, especially series of the NBC family are supported by sister studio.
  • The production budget of the series was enormous &# 8211; many outdoor shoots and the salaries of the two main stars were in favor of the ordering station expensive.

The series would be without the cliffhanger from Season 5 &# 8211; the sudden abduction of a main character of unknowns &# 8211; was possibly the same set without a (shortened) Season 6, fans can therefore count itself lucky that history has at least found a decent degree. Currently you can watch the series the way, just enjoy RTL Crime on TV.

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White Collar &# 8211; the TV movie: Is there still a reunion?

Indeed, there are no new rumors about negotiations to White Collar Season 7 &# 8211; neither on the part of broadcasters, nor to which the actor Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay &# 8211; half a decade is enough, the series is actually end. But a little hope and comfort there are, because there are increasing rumors that there could possibly be a feature film with the two main characters. The two actors have in any case already agreed they were definitely going someone should want to finance and produce the project. Also the author Jeff Eastin would be one of the party: &# 8220; You never know. It would be nice.&# 8221;

The trailer for the sixth and final season, which aired in November 2014 in the United States:2252White Collar The Final Season Premieres November

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