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With her MotioninJoy your PS3 controller can also use the PC.

Who mainly plays PlayStation 3, would certainly like to use his PS3 controller and the computer when he wants to gamble at this time in between. This is exactly the MotioninJoy download possible because the software acts as an emulator for PlayStation 3 controller on the PC, so it allows you the program to use your PlayStation 3 controller to the computer.

Capabilities of MotioninJoy Downloads

supported by MotioninJoy Download Sixaxis- and DualShock 3 controllers, all Sixaxis features and DS3 vibration are supported. The controllers can be connected to your PC either via USB or via Bluetooth. How you have to proceed exactly this, learn it in the appropriate instructions on the manufacturing side.


If you connect your controller via Bluetooth, you can connect more controllers via a single interface, two or even more. The MotioninJoy download is also able to emulate the Xbox 360 controller for games that have the "Games for Windows" certificate. If you have set up in accordance MotioninJoy, you can remap any buttons on the controller and keyboard and mouse.

Driver update may be necessary

Normally, the games should work on PC with PS3 controller, once you have installed MotioninJoy Download and connected to the controller. If this is not the case, you have yet to install the appropriate driver. For this you go to the Device Manager Control Panel, that device selects and enters its properties in "Driver" to "Update Driver".


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