Samsung Galaxy S3 does not start: solutions

The Samsung Galaxy S3 in this country is the most widely used smartphone and continues to be an excellent android device. Over the years of his rule but also various bugs have crept through all kinds of updates. So if you have the problem that your Galaxy S3 does not start, here are some suggestions for you.

Samsung Galaxy S3 does not start: solutions

Boot or start up more your Samsung Galaxy S3, then a nasty bug has in you crept (or the battery is broken). However, there is still hope that you do not have to sink in the next ton the device, but again get up and running. We tell you how this works.

Start Galaxy S3 in Safe Mode

Before you bring out from the mallet and makes the Factory Reset everything flat, you should try your S3 in safe mode boot. If this succeeds namely, can delete their problem-causing Apps.

  1. keep power depressed
  2. Does the Samsung logo, let the power button off and presses volume for 5-6 seconds
  3. The Galaxy will now restart and boot up in safe mode (shown below left)galaxy-S3-safe-mode
  4. now delete all the apps that you have installed it in the last days before the occurrence of the error
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Samsung Galaxy S3 does not start: To run&# 8217; s back

You definitely will adjust to the fact that the data is deleted. In exchange for a functioning mobile phone, it is but that might be worth. In the event of cases you can also try to recover the deleted data following our instructions. A guarantee does not exist unfortunately.

  1. First tries a hard reset of your Galaxy S3
  2. Keep it at the same time Power + Home + volume up
  3. Let go of the keys when the Android logo appear
  4. Navigated with the volume-Keys down to Wipe data / factory resetandroid hard reset_1
  5. confirmed power
  6. Selects the next window Delete all user data
  7. After the process is complete, navigate back to the main menu and select reboot

If both options is not feasible because the device simply does not start, you should consider yourself to replace the battery.


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