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What many fans of the classic mystery series &Heroes; # 8220&# 8221; had feared has to continue &# 8220; Doll Heroes&# 8221; now confirmed. The series does not get any season. 2 

Heroes Reborn: No Season 2 for mystery seriesSource: © NBC

The hopes for &# 8220; Doll Heroes&# 8221; were great. After all, did millions of fans who were disappointed by the end of the original series, soothed and as many new viewers are obtained. The reboot, which was announced from the outset as a special event, now Boob Greenblatt, entertainment chief of the transmitter NBC the US magazine The Hollywood Reporter officially ends after season 1. The betrayed.

&# 8220; Doll Heroes&# 8221 ;, so Greenblatt, had been intended from the start as a closed story, which was now on the mini-series just ended. However, the basic idea of ​​the franchise is so open that theoretically a future reboot may not be excluded.

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